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Jul 11, 2005



wow...first Anthony talks about spaetzle, now you're doing weiner schniztel! All the ancestral foods I never really liked...


stephanie, that's really a coincidence! i am becoming more fond of our traditional dishes nowadays, although only in small doses. there's actually a spaetzle post on this site, too -
in case you're after a meat-free version!!!


Mmm, yum. This brings back memories of childhood. My father fell in love with this dish at an Austrian restaurant in London and learnt how to make it properly. We ate it on special occasions for a treat. I'd never heard the cranberry compote part, we always ate it with lemon. It sounds delicious though - I now feel compelled to go out and buy both!


PS Great idea about the lemon! I must remember that one.


christina, you MUST try the cranberries, I think they work really well. It's the only think we eat cranberries with, actually, we don't even have cranberry juice that much and since we don't do turkey, we also don't do cranberry. traditionally at least. Let me know how you liked it!


andrew has posted some wine recommendations with links to austrian wine tasting notes and suppliers (follow trackback at bottom of post). while i would naturally recommend any Veltliner or Austrian (!) Riesling, even any European-grown Sauvignon Blanc, I would personally steer clear of Southern Hemisphere SauvBlancs, as they can be overpowering. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, try another Austrian grape: the Schilcher, a dry rose perfect for a summer's evening...


Hi Jo,
The first time I had Wiener Schnitzel in Austria I was shocked. What was this thin breaded fried thing? I was expecting a hot dog. Typical American cluelessness. Here we have (or had, don't know if it's still around) a chain of fast food hot dog places called Der Wiener Schnitzel. So naturally, almost everyone who grew up around these thinks that a Wiener Schnitzel has to be a hot dog. Also, we just call hot dogs wieners. Is that a German thing? Both my dad and grandmother of Austrian descent call hot dogs wieners.

My gracious Austrian hosts certainly had a laugh over my mistaken order and pointed me the way to the "wursts" the next time I wanted something that resembled a hot dog.


Hi Elise, you're right, we can't even decide on a common name amongst German-speakers. We have so many varieties of sausages, it is hardly surprising. But the ones which most resemble a hot dog (though with a thicker skin) are called "Frankfurter" in Wien (Vienna - and the rest of Austria, indeed) and "Wiener" in Frankfurt and the rest of Germany as far as I am aware of!.(Myohmy, I see a post om sausages coming up... nice project for my holidays in Austria next week!)


Hi Elise. Great post! I learned so much. Now the only problem is getting the females in my family over the anti-veal sentiment.


my personal favorite: Schnitzel Semmel. Simply a Schnitzel in between a Semmel, no lettuce, mayo or any of the other standard burger/sandwich ingredients. Just pure Schnitzel!


No sauce on Wiener Schnitzel? Of course not! If it has sauce it's Jägerschnitzel, which is much better!


My dad told me a horror story of northern germany where his schnitzel came drowning in a pool of applesauce. Jaferschnitzel is okay, but its something diffrent, not to be confused with Wiener Schnitzel as it may be.


I love Wiener Schnitzel it is one of our favorite dishes. I serve mine with potatoe salad and swabian dumplings - a kind of pasta - called Sptzle


My Mom, a Filipina-Scot who studied with a Spanish chef, used to make something that is similar to wienerschnitzel but she called it Carneng Frita. But she uses calamansi or Philippine lemon. We would eat this with a salad of chopped green onion and tomatoes. Really good!


Johanna, I used veal filet (well, it was a dinner party:), and the dish was excellent. Thanks for 'allowing' me to serve it cold - it went down a storm. (PS It was my first time to make wiener schnitzel).

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