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May 14, 2004



looks positively decadent! would i need to change anything if i'm planning to use fresh raspberries instead? thanks :)


Hmm good question. The raspberries made the base of the cake moister than I thought anyway, I hoped that by using frozen it would take them longer to release their juices. But the cooking time is very long... Thinking about it now, I guess fresh ones would be better - so just go for it, but be sure to let me know the outcome!


I am drooling over my keyboard!

I hope you enjoy Slow Food... I am already learning a lot from the people in my group... can't wait to hear about your adventures!

By the way I love your definition of the passionate cook... reminds me of a quote which I think was made by the Dalai Lama, "approach love and cooking with all abandon."


I made this cake for a friend's birthday (his name is Syrus, I renamed the cake "Syriusly Chocolate Cake, aka Chocolate Coffee Raspberry Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Dream") and I got complimented on it all night, which I figured were just people being polite. But today, I got calls from people asking for the recipe saying it was "the best cake they had ever tasted". The parts of the cake in contact with the pan got a little bit crispy out of the oven and turned just slightly chewy after all the sauce, sort of like a perfect fudge brownie. It was heavenly, and I'm only entitled to say that because it isn't my recipe! I skipped the curls, though I did make a chocolate disc with some artfully drizzled white icing on it. But I ate part of it before it made it on the cake so it never made it on the cake! Thanks for the recipe!


Hello I was curious about these two ingredients

light muscovado sugar
caster sugar

None of the grocery stores here in Florida Carry Caster sugar and I was curious if regular Table sugar would be an ok substitute or would that ruin the cake? Also What could be a substitute for the light muscovado sugar? Regular Brown Sugar?


I am not familiar with table sugar, so can’t give you a straight answer here… Caster sugar is a finely ground crystallized white sugar, we use it in baking because it doesn’t need long to dissolve. If the sugar were coarser, the cake would bake the same, but in recipes with a short baking time or where no cooking is involved or the mixture is very dry, you might end up noticing the sugar crystals.

Muscovado sugar has more flavour than brown sugar, but most recipes would work equally well with brown. Light brown sugar again is more finely ground and lighter in colour than regular, but where this doesn’t have an impact on appearance or texture (ie in a cream or something that isn’t cooked) regular brown is fine.


Hi I believe that you guys call "caster sugar" "super-fine sugar" in America


The cake is in the oven atm, first attempt. Mine doesn't looks as dark as yours but looks like it has risen more. Smells delish, hope its yum :)


Awesome! Very nice, everyone at work will love it. Thankyou :)


Hi Ellen,

I am very glad you liked the recipe, I hope it tasted as good as it looked and that you were duely celebrated as a domestic goddess by your work coleagues!
thanks for letting me know as well, its always great to get this kind of feedback!

Kind regards


Hi! This recipe looks amazing! I live in USA and it is hard for me to compare all of the grams and ml. Can you please write the ingredients in cups or ounces? Very grateful if you do!! Thank you!


Hi Alla,

I am sorry about that... I find imperial measures too unreliable and it is a lot of work to offer every recipe in 2 different systems - rather than just converting the numbers, I would have to actually MAKE each recipe twice (at least!) to be sure that the outcome would be what I intend it to be.
unfortunately, conversion is not as easy as it seems and I have learnt the hard way by using the metric measures provided in some American cookbooks only to find out that they never tested the recipes by actually COOKING with those metric conversions... and experiencing big disasters in the kitchen!
the only thing i can offer you is a link to conversion tables, i hope delia is trustworthy

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