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Jan 02, 2009



Thank you for these recommendations, I hope I will get a chance to try them soon. I love Barcelona, even if you have an only half decent nose for a good restaurant, you will nearly always eat very well there. What a wonderful city!


I wish I´d have had this list when I was in Barcelona, last may.


We could have done with that tapas-bar recommendation last spring. We did arrive in Barcelona rather late, and searched in vain for an inviting-looking tapas bar before settling for something totally unremarkable.
A compulsory trip to La Boqueria is highly recommended - it's huge and perhaps touristy, but the choice of 'exotic' fruit and excellent seafish and their amazing offal-counter are not to be missed!!
We left Barcelona straight afterwards, and only passed through on our way back from El Bulli to the Airport - but I'll definitely take Aidan's list with me next time :)
PS Happy New Year, dear Passionate Cook!!!

Scott at Realepicurean

I'd forgotten about this little series you're running.

I went to Barcelona a few years back but unfortunately didn't have the opportunity to taste any of the food :(


Did you try any of Oriol Balaguer's chcocolate? I am not a chocolate person but believe his truffles are to die for.
Have to agree about Rumblas and the seaside. Like the Champs-Élysées in Paris. The Boqueria in Rmblas is a must do.

Jeanne @ CookSister!

Great post, Trig! Makes me want to visit Barcelona again...


Thanks for publishing my review, Johanna. It's been my pleasure to go out for dinner in Barcelona with quite a few food bloggers over the past year - most recently Su-Lin of Tamarind & Thyme last Sunday. If anyone is going to be in town over a weekend, don't hesitate to click "contact" on my blog and email me.


Can you believe it? I live two blocks away from Atica and it would never have occurred to me to go! I'm booking a table there next Friday.


heyy, if you want to taste the best Barcelona's food just visit , where you will find the best restaurants of Barcelona and you will be able to watch the prices, menus and to make a reservation in the place that you want!!
it's a great oportunity to enjoy Barcelona!!


hi i just stumbled upon your site and enjoyed it thoroughly! thanks so much.

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