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Feb 19, 2007


Susan from Food "Blogga"

What a great post, Johanna. I never thought to visit, but you've piqued my interest. Oh, and I just love the name "cloudberries."


Great post. Really good to see something informative like this. Maybe one day I'll be looking it up before I visit.

Monika Korngut

What a great post, and an advanture. Coming from a Polish background I know what you mean about those weird blood sausages. My family loves them and gets them here in Canada in local Polish markets. Not my favorite but I have taseted them and they are not too bad, but hard to digest. I would stay away from them too. Would love to see more photos from your trip, looks great. :-)I miss Europe.

All the best,

Scott at Real Epicurean

I've only ever been to Poland (due to my Polish wife), but I imagine there's certain similarities in both food and culture. Certainly interesting!


I have been to Tallinn once long ago and how I wish I had this guide (or discovered Pille) at that time! I did enjoy my stay and exploring the old town though :)

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