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May 30, 2007



Do you take orders in Estonia?? A great-looking canape, and will be added to my looooooong Johanna-inspired-fingerfood collection of recipes!


I love everything about this recipe! Looks just fabulous.

Deborah Dowd

These tidbits look delicious and a great twist on the usual smoked salmon and cream cheese. I can't wait to give this a try!


Absolutely beautiful.


looks scrumptious!!

btw...there isn't much lactose in cream cheese but cannelini beans are a much healthier option!!!

Thanks for sharing the recipe!!


c'est magnifique!! bravo!! bises micky

Douglas Blyde

This is the most eloquent epicuriously inclined blog I have ever seen.

Douglas, author,


Your photographs are getting better, and better. This is just my kind of meal, only I would eat all of it in much bigger portions!


Those sound (and look) gorgeous!


Unfortunately it's difficult to duplicate pumpernickel at home. This bread is not baked in the normal way, it's baked with steam about 16 hours. So you can try a long baked "Schwarzbrot" in special forms


Congratulations on winning DMBLGiT, Johanna! Well deserved. I could eat a whole tray of these beauties!


Delicious! It looks so great that make me crave for it.

If anyone plans to buy caviar , I suggest purchase caviars that are not from endangered fishes.


I just made these for a wine party, along with a number of other yummy tid bits from your site. I found pumpernickel rounds, so didn't have to waste anything by doing the rounds myself. When I first tried the bean paste on its own it was sooo strong, but when combined with the pimpernickel it was such an inspired combination. This is a winner recipe, thank you


such a nice food


looks divine and i have never tried caveier one day i will

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