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Jan 25, 2012



wow! looks great! can't wait to share this to my mom.. she love cooking that is new and unique to her.

Neilesh Patel (Food Lover)

"I really like some of your posts…will bookmark your blog."

Julius Joy And Food

Thats nice and looking good..water in my mouth :) Thansk for sharing and Good luck.

Kindra @

I think I just found my next great appetizer!

zuza zak

I absolutely agree that it takes practise to come up with good party food. Here's some snacks from my Polish repertoire:


Grandma Kat @ Easy Recipes Land

This will be a delight to try. I've never made something like this before so it will be fun trying it out for my family. ;-)

Grandma Kat


I simply love goats cheese ever since I first tried it on holiday in Spain. It seems to have a tangy taste to it in my opinion. Anyway I will have to try this recipe now as it contains one of my favourite ingrediants.

Bonnie Staiger

I love the idea of merging the goat cheese, avocado, and lemon. The color is great too. A very versatile combination.


it's already gorgeous looking!! Love your work (and research), you're a true food writer whom I absolutely look up to. :)

saha ali from (

Looking delicious meat. I don't like tomato, So I'll try this with some variation.

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