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December 2020

Two Old Men Struggle To Hold An Election

The good ol' USA is well-known for having some of the most contentious elections of the entire world, and this year’s was certainly no different, with the Democrat’s Joe Biden going head-to-head with the Republican's incumbent Donald Trump in perhaps the most tumultuous period in the nation’s history. Most notably, both candidates drew criticism from their opposing parties for their extreme age, as both candidates were well stiffened by their near-geriatric status, with some questioning whether either candidate would be able to keep it up once secured in office. Regardless, they came in the favour of their respective elective councils for Ministerial nomination, both having some impressive head in the polls in all the expected regions. However, President Trump struggled to keep his poll length up in the months leading up to the election, mostly due to a string of controversies centred around his pussy-footed attitude regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, both in the open air and deep in home territory. Then, a few weeks before the official day of elections, the two candidates came together several times on the debate stage on national television, where both attempted to go down on the other candidate with supposed bombshells in order to deny them of their elective climax by sucking their opponent’s voters into their own pool. However, on Election Day and the days following, the US' great height continued to fall as President Trump accused Mr Biden of diddling the election in his favour by allowing paid actors to fondle his votes into switching sides. Even now, President Trump has refused to concede the election, instead opting to chase after the deep holes of his supposed voter fraud in court. Only time will tell whether the United States of America will stand stiffly against tyranny, or shrink by the hand of an ugly truth.