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Feb 20, 2011


Miel Abeille

I don't know if I'm salivating over the picture of the salad, or of the mental image of your friend-filled BBQ's. Good food + good friends = good times!


I just love all of the flavours here!!!!Such a good for you feeling salad.


This looks like a fantastic salad to take to a barbecue! I especially like the use of lime juice.


I love the ease of couscous - just wish my kids liked it - I'd make it much more often.
Your BBQs sound like fun, even if you can't be as spontaneous as in London. We used to have neighbours who complained about the smell drifting over their washing line when we braaied in London, so it's nice here to have all the space to braai without bothering anyone.


This sounds wonderful. I will make it for a lunchtime treat.
I like the bit about *SPRUCing it up with pine nuts*!

The Cooking Ninja

I love your version of couscous. Been a while I had that. Over in France, my MIL make couscous or rather Taboulé à la Française using only olive oil, lemon juice together with tomato, cucumber, mint, parsely, sliced olives n sweet onions and let it marinate overnight. This is perfect for S'pore weather. Now I'm drooling at the thought of it.


Cous cous! I go through way too much of this stuff- it's just so easy to make! This recipe looks delicious- thanks for posting!


this looks awesome!

Nana Wereko-Brobby

this looks absolutely awesome!! any chance you can suggest a quick ten minute detox meal for our charity food blog,



i just love salads and this one is healthy and I would definitely try this. Thanks for sharing.


This looks good to me. I love the Couscous and am always looking for good Couscous recipes.

Red Foodie

I love salads. Thanks for the recipe. The ingredients make it healthy as well.

Tanja List

Danke für dieses tolle Rezept! Ich hab es letztes Wochenende für unsere Sommerabschlussgrillerei ausprobiert und es ist sensationell angekommen!

Laura De Haro

I really like your recipe, the photo reminds me of the Lebanese tabbula.
Roasted vegetables will give a special taste.

I'll make the recipe at home.

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