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Nov 01, 2010



these are muffins with serious awesomeness!


They look pretty good, despite the stringy pumpkin! Our pumpkins vary too, some very watery with little flavour and others much tougher.

It's maddening at first finding how different ingredients can be when you move continents. it took me ages to adjust, but now I am bewildered when I go back to the UK and find such an embarrassment of choice in the supermarket aisles. There were at least ten different sorts of milk to choose between in Tesco on our last visit. I had to spend hours reading lables!


kit, you read my mind! i was getting really frustrated at the beginning, as a simple shopping expedition seemed to take up the whole afternoon! but even things like milk and butter and bread and cereal etc take forever, i find myself reading the labels and half of the time, i won't understand anything because it's all in mandarin ;-))

The 5 Min Meal Planner

Thank you so much for posting this. You're so right about flour not being flour. The slightest variation and my sponge cakes just don't seem to come out right.

No sausages taste quite like the ones you get in London. No curried goat tastes like the one you get in Jamaica. And hot dogs only taste great when you buy them from a street vendor in New York.

I love that when travelling to different lands we're forced to adapt. Just proves that there really isn't one right way to cook (or bake). It all depends on where you are and what you have to work with.

Just when you think you've seen it all, you use self raising flour that doesn't rise!

Gives me a whole new appreciation for home..


good point - I am sure there are many like me who see recipes through an international filter and know the food we make will not quite be like the one we read about - eg when I read tinned pumpkin puree in an American recipe, I just know I will hack up a pumpkin and cook it and mash it up (incidentally I don't think it is the best time of year for pumpkins in Australia - mine have been quite stringy lately - so don't know if that is also the case in singapore)

however it is when writing it up that it gets really confusing - sometimes I get all huffy and just write for the (comparatively small) local audience and other times I bend over backwards to try and make my recipes be all things to all people.

Jeanne @ CookSister!

OMG Johanna these look seriously divine!! The pumkin brittle did it for me...

So agree on the crazy variability of international ingredients - it's so hard to now what the ingredient will look like in other people's kitchens. The cream thing freaked me out when I first got to the UK - at home, there was cream & sour cream and I could not understand why some cream in the UK would not whip up. Oy vey!! :)

Scott at Real Epicurean

Ah, finally a recipe after many times checking back! A great recipe it is, too, love the sound of this original pumpkin use.

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