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Apr 20, 2010



It sounds totally delicious - maybe it's time for me to buy wasabi paste and teriyaki sauce at last!


absolutely, kit! if i can say one thing: do NOT buy the powder that you mix into your own paste... it tastes like ground cardboard (not that ive ever ground cardboard, im just imagining!)
instead of the teriyaki, i am sure any good soy sauce would do if you cant locate it!


I love how the teriyaki have the burgers a real beef look. The sauce will also definitely make the tuna moist.


These look amazing. I agree most people don't know how to cook tuna. I love mine seared.

bellini valli

Thanks for sharing this recipe with us. It semes like a combination of flavours we just NEED to try.


That sounds rather decadent, Johanna. Mmm, if I would come in June, would you make it again? :P


Absolutely Pille... You name the date - second half please!

Natalie Hughes

I made this last night - SO yummy! I just wished that I'd used a tad more wasabi and ginger to make it even spicier. Will post pics on my blog later! Nx

Natalie Hughes

P.s. My fishmonger didn't have any tuna because of planes not being able to fly, so I used canned tuna (in spring water) - not ideal but worked OK!


i must make this one also. this really looks so yummy..

Sarah, Maison Cupcake

These look outstanding, I would love to try these. Lovely to meet you on Saturday!

Natalie Hughes

I posted the finished product on my blog: My photography is dire but it was so yummy - I love your recipes.


I love wasabi so i am wanting to give these a try! They look so good! I just don't want them raw.


Hi there,

you could substitute fresh horseradish, or just use a chilli paste of your taste... itll be slightly different, but still offer a pleasant kick!

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