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Dec 24, 2009



Have a great Christmas, Johanna, and a very happy New Year. Best regards.


Oh these look beautiful. Happy holidays!


Thanks Trig its nice of you to think of me during those special times. I hope you have a great time up north, we are in London this year, have my parents over and are sorely missing the snow!

Take care


Hope you had a wonderful season and that the new year has a lot of joy in store for you!


Hi ronell

I also wish you all the best for the upcoming year, many happy moments culinarily and otherwise...
May 2010 be full of treats!



These sound divine! A mix of brownie and cookie - yum. Hpe you had a great Christmas

S Lloyd

Awesome blog that you have there.
Very inspiring. May I ask you something: what type of digital camera + lens are you using? I am also a foodie blogger (focused lately on the top restaurants of Montreal) and do wish to swap my compact camera for a serious Dslr that will take sharp close up eye candy pictures of food at restaurants in particular, food anywhere else in general. Thanks for your inputs.


Hi there

Thanks for your comment.
I use a canon eos d20, no extra lenses. V happy with it, but then, I am probably not the most gifted or aspirational food photographer out there... I have never taken a course and could probably get so much more out of my camera!

But this dslr has changed my pictures instantly I feel its doing all the work for me, I dont have time to fan around much or rely on daylight.
I was just commenting to my mum te other day when we were comparing holiday pics that canon have far superior colours in all their cameras... She used my compact canon on australia while my dad was taking pretty much the same shots with a nikon and her (technically completely inert) took far better pictures... Mostly i thought diwn to yhe colour the camera gives you.

Good luck with your search


Those look wonderful!
Hope you had a great Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Jeanne @ Cooksister!

Mmm, I'll have mine a little chewy please!! Hope you and your gorgeous family had a wonderful Christmas - it certanly sounds like you did. And clearly I'm biased (seeing as we own two identical cameras!) but I have to agree - the Canon digital colour rendition is outstanding.

cake decorating books

Looks delicious! I've made similar, but a bit smaller and without the nuts. Shaped them into little balls, so they get crispy outside and slightly chewy/soft middle :)



Awesome! Looks yummy , and a good sweet for christmas days. Probably I will try to make it.

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