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Jun 06, 2009



Mmmm.. this sounds good. I saw some of this year's first fresh garlic yesterday, and this and some tzatziki will be how I'll use it.

Monika Korngut

Very good blog entry and a delicious recipe to go with it. I love making and eating fresh pesto. I would never think of adding avocado into the mix but I love it, I'm sure it must have been wonderful.


You're absolutely trends and the corresponding nutrition facts seems to change ever so often, it is confusing and not to mention frustrating when the miracle foods of yesterday are now no longer considered healthy.

Your pasta looks healthy and delicious! Can't go wrong with that in my book!


At risk of being boring, I'd just like to say how good that looks, regardless of any possible health benefits. It just shouts out "eat me".

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Avocado & cashew pesto~ sounds wonderful! How can you go wrong with two of my favorite foods.


Sounds fantastic. Your photo makes it look delicious.


Mmmh... Sounds yummy! I happen to have 2 organic avocados leftover, and they should be nice and soft right now.

Man Meets Kitchen

Funny but so true! Great photo of your fine meal. Makes me want to try it myself.


Wow...avocado and cashews...two of the best things on Earth.


Oh yum. I love pesto, and adding avocado to the mix sounds awesome! I need some really easy recipes these days since we're still getting settled in our new home. This will be perfect!


wow! how inspriring! whoever thought to toss hot pasta with avo? right away I can see how it would add a real buttery creaminess. and cashew nut pesto sounds truly rich & decadent. gotta try this asap!
I just recently came across this site; your photos are beautiful, recipes excellent and your blogging interesting, passionate and non-food snobby. v. inspirational. thanks!


I made my boyfriend cook me this recipe tonight, and it was absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing.


that sounds heavenly.


Many thanks for this recipe. I wrote the first comment and this pasta sauce (pestomole perhaps, from Itexico?) has become quite a family favourite here, and my family are (I am ashamed to say!) fussy eaters so something new that they all like is doubly welcome. With its creamy texture it is comfort food, and so quick to make. I tasted another successful variation of guacamole recently which had some chopped coriander leaves incorporated into it, so perhaps there is scope for thinking more creatively about this classic avocado dip.


james, i am happy your family enjoy this so much - we seem to be in the same boat re: fussy eaters! and you are right, in my family, too, it is the fussiest who keep making this recipe for us ;-)


Sounds good I must give it a try. Why do you leave the stone in if you're prepping in advance?
and as for cholesterol and that margarine.....a topic for another post maybe?


hi tessa,

when i lived in mexico, i was told that the stone in the guacamole will prevent it from oxydizing and lets it keep its nice green colour. old wife's tales, maybe, but it works - see my post on guacamole (i think there is one).

as for the cholesterol, i am not a qualified nutritionist, but i did take nutrition as part of my naturopathy studies... the newest wisdom is that margerine is very bad for you - vegetable fat is supposed to be liquid (as in olive oil), anything that isn't has been heated. the heating converts its chemical -cis to a -trans state, and trans fats have been shown to lower the good and raise the bad cholesterol. hardly a good alternative for butter, a saturated fat, which is needed (in small quantities) in the body.
so steer clear from margerine, don't heat your oils (use ghee or butter instead or don't fry). also avoid all baked goods that contain oil (most do).
maybe this is worth a post although i feel that i only understand half of it ;-)


Accidentally have 2 avo's left - might just get round to this one!


This sounds wonderful.


I hadn't heard that rye was now out!! I won't worry so much that my kids have now boycotted rye bread then!

I've always been a butter rahter than margerine fan - are you saying that it is now supposed to be better than olive oil for cooking? I can't keep up!

This looks great - I must try it soon.


hi kit,

for cooking, butter is definitely better than olive oil - high temperatures tranform the chemical state of oil into a -trans state, making them transfats... which both lower your good and elevate your bad cholesterol, so they're a double whammy!
the best thing to fry with (according to the latest wisdom) is ghee (clarified butter).
olive and other good quality oils are essential and really good for you, but use them in cold things, salads for example, or sprinkle over whatever you cook AFTER it's cooked.
i know - i wonder what we'll know in ten years' time ;-)

Chef Keem

So, if we get smarter in few years and find out that the info on 'PUFAs raising our IQ' is all a big hoax - wouldn't that be proof that it actually does work? :D

This reminded me of the joke when a clever salesman offered a tincture for lots of money which was supposed to make you instantly smarter. A guy bought it, applied it, and then went back to the dealer with the complaint that it doesn't work. The salesman's reply: "See, you got smarter already!"

Anyway, this recipe looks very good to me. I can imagine the flavorful richness of the cashews, enhanced with the creamy avocado.

I wonder if slightly roasting the garlic would bring more improvement.

Gourmet Mama

Avocado and pesto in spaghetti. That does sound intriguing. I think I might want to try this recipe out too.


I'm sorry to put this post up, but I was searching for vegetarian pasta sauce. This was our dinner - one of the best choices ever. Great pesto idea. Thanks for it!
Alex from Bulgaria


Honestly I never thought you could combine avocado with pasta, but I guess I'm wrong. Will try and make it this weekend as I'm really curious as to how delicious it would taste.

Nutrition Data

This thing is looking tasty and delicious . . .

Food Recipes

I am going to try this !

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