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  • Foie gras with fig & nectarine compote

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May 27, 2009



wohoo! what a fabulous creation... I love the colour and what's that beautiful flower in the front? i crave sweet potatoes badly!


hi sally-anne, it's a thistle, I got it from my local florist and stuck it on with some candle wax... I just love the colour!

Bellini Valli

Loving the combinations here.


Yum! These look wonderful -I'd eat the whole lot. Love the flavours and so pretty


What an excellent idea for a party! I'm a huge fritatta fan and your combo of flavors really makes this special. Healthy, too.


This looks wonderful - and a great idea to bake it rather than do it in a pan and have to turn it, much easier to manage. Good news that eggs are now on the good cholesterol list too!


I love fritatats, they make a great quick dinner and the leftovers are perfect for lunch the next day. I like the idea of cutting it up small and having it as appertisers.

Gourmet Chick

Great flavour combination these look fabulous. I make a similar frittata with Fetta and Pumpkin which I think I have posted on for a previous WTSIM challenge! For parties I also sometimes make frittatas in mini muffin tins which works quite well as saves the slicing.


Mmmm, looks delicious! Cannot wait to see all the wtsim entries.


You are right, this IS so healthy! I'm loving this as a finger food idea. It seems fuss-free and flavour-full! My kind of food! the mint pesto sounds surreal!


A delicious finger food, it gives colors to a party!


I made this for a cocktails and canapes party with my friends and they were wonderful:

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