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May 13, 2009



Using new potatoes or baby potatoes is what I always do as well when I make potato salad. I sometimes peel them after cooking though. Just like in Austria, pretty much every houswife in Germany has a way of making great potato salads, so I grew up on them too. I like your additions, they certainly make it fit for company!


Snap, Sylvie.
My Mum, from Silesia, insisted on adding minced fish (grüner Hering?)and usually also added Fleischwurst, and my Dad's favourites were with watercress, or better still, lambs' lettuce. Here in Birmingham, no garden party of the German community happens without several different versions - some of which invariably turn out mushy.
I love the idea of adding salmon, especially for a picnic!

Gourmet Chick

This looks lovely and light (I don't like potato salad that is too mayonnaise heavy) and I love the addition of smoked salmon.


Potato salad - the gift that keeps on giving! I like it in nearly all its incarnations - mayonaissy, yoghurty, olive-oil-and-garlicky - you name it. ALso fell in love with cress when I got to the UK :) Love the combination fo flavours here!

Niall Harbison

You have nailed it with this recipe! Love dishes like this that are unpretencious but could just as easily be made at home as in a fancy restaurant. The only thing I would say is that the smoked salmon would of course have to be Irish!

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