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Apr 07, 2009



Thank you so much for this. I love Baba Ghanouj, and indeed their Mediterranean cousin melazanesalata, but have never managed to recreate that lovely smoky flavour at home, so will try your method.


It's always nice to visit a restaurant with somebody who knows a lot about the particular cuisine!
Also, I didn't know there's a slimy and yogurty alternative to a baba ganoush :) I've always made mine with tahini and no yogurt, but I also add cumin seeds. Yours sounds lovely - I'm sure Dabia approves :)

See mine here: :)


love love love this. and very healthy too.


OK, that's settled then - we are having this next time I come round! The smokiness sounds wonderful...


Thanks so much for this recipe... I have a stack of aubergines (i am living in INdia so they are in season!) and was lacking inspiration. Now I know what to do... just have to track down some tahini!


hah, I just remembered leaving a comment here almost exactly 4(!) years ago about charring the eggplants, it was a time when you still were not too fond of them, I think... Now I see you are totally sold! But tahini in babaganus, yes, that is not turkish and new to me, too, but what a great idea! Next time will do this.


I am loving this combo of great flavors. Looks delicious!

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