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  • Foie gras with fig & nectarine compote

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Feb 05, 2009



Johanna, this dish looks so appetizing!

Jessica @ Bring Your Appetite

Wow, I love your creativity. I am very tempted to try this myself.


Wonderful sounding stuff Johanna; certainly beats my sweet cheese on toast effort :-)


That sounds very sophisticated and wonderfully imaginative. I love all yor canape and tiny tasters that you do. It is the kind of thing that would drive me crazy to make, but I'd love to eat.

Gourmet Chick

This looks fantastic. I found it a very hard theme - as I agree to me (perhaps I am uncreative in this way) so often sweet and savoury just cannot be mixed. I mean dessert soup (which I have also had - disgusting), dessert pizza - need I say more.


A savoury creme brulee wouldn't exactly excite my tastebuds I think, it has something not very appetizing about it. I solute your braveness trying it though and would love to give it a try for the sake of it.

I've been toying with a chocolate pasta recently, although haven't found the courage to make one yet.


Wow - well done Johanna! I knew you'd come up trumps. It's interesting to read people's comments and the strong reactions that this theme provoked. I must say, I had a chocolate and rosemary soup in Barcelona that was quite simply divine. My point is that if you like chocolate sauce, there is absolutely no reason for you not to like chocolate "soup" - it's often your brain that's playing tricks on you, superimposing its expectations over the actual dish :) (Of course there are also some "innovative" ideas that just plain do not work...) And as for vegetables in a baked custard - is that really so very different to a quiche? I can see myself playing with this idea a lot more in future...


That looks and sounds awesome! and so creative.
Sorry I haven't been in touch recently - RL has been hectichectichectic!


This sounds very, very good indeed, Johanna! Foie gras goes so well with fruit and I think the brulee topping is inspired!


Oh my - these look sublime.
Like you, I've had some less-than-brilliant sweet/savoury swaps in the past which have made me rather wary of such dishes. But I just know that I'd love these - foie gras is so good with sweeter flavours and I really love your presentation.


Interesting event and I like your reflections on it - reminded me of one more swap I would like to try again - sweet pasta - I once had chocolate pasta with raspberry sauce but have seen other sweet pasta's since. I guess it is a matter of not just trying the sweet/savoury swap to shock and amaze but because your taste buds are going to love it!


I wish there were more hours in the day to participate in all the events I want to get involved in:(
This looks fantastic and sounds delicious!


sophie - thanks for the compliment. it needs some imagination, but i am glad you're tempted.

jessica - you should definitey give it a try. it's incredibly easy to make and if nothing else, will impress guests for its novelty factor.

andrew - i actually liked your creation... it might have been a "lazy" options, but it's got all the right flavours!

kit - thanks. for me, simple is always best, but with finger food, i just love the fiddly bits... when i have people around i know will appreciate it ;-)

jeanne, you are absolutely right, i don't know what put me off the idea. it's simply because i ran out of time that i chose this, as i knew from the start that it would work. i will try the other things as well, maybe you want to be part of the experiment?

christina - it's great to have you back. how unfair that our real life re-prioritises for us... i hope to see you some time soon, henley at the latest, right?

angela - promise you will try it. if you love foie gras, fruit and creme brulee, this is your kind of dish!

antonia - i appreciate that people experiment with things like that and that sometimes, they're not successful. i just wish they wouldn't serve it in their restaurant, though ;-)

johanna - the chocolate pasta does seem like something i would try... and i am always one to try seemingly weird creations when prepared by chefs i trust!

tartelette - i hear you... i can't even keep up with blogs, let alone all the events. i do enjoy reading the roundups as well, though. i hope you'll join in the next time though, where the theme is hot desserts!

Scott at Realepicurean

Fois gras again? You're being very indulgent this New Year, Johanna. I guess you're not feeling the recession ;)


scott - on the contrary... these are, indeed, left-overs. my friend from the basque country has been bringing me some from a trip to the homeland and i had two cans left over from a catering i did when we didn't have a clue what the months ahead would bring ;-)

we are never full

this is really inspired - i can see how this works really well together. thanks for pushing the envelope w/ this one.

Paula Maack

Oh my Gods!!! This looks exquisite.

What a heavenly concept. Fois Brulee! Mmmmmmm... Thank you!!


~ Paula


Johanna, Wonderful recipe, flavors were outstanding. The pear compote is divine. From my perspective though, I skipped the caster sugar topping as I felt it made the amuse way too sweet. I just topped each spoon with minced prunes. And I also felt that if one is using a foie gras pate that one can skip adding the Sauterne and butter. Recipe works great with truffled foie gras as well.


thanks for your feedback... the spoons do get quite sweet, but there wouldn't be a creme brulee effect without the caster sugar topping ;-)

you're absolutely right about the pate, if you use foie gras in that way no misxing with sauternes is usually required, although i have had so many different types of pate, some really soft (mousse-like), others quite firm... it all depends!

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