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Nov 25, 2008



I'm never one for diets either. We did try the blood group diet briefly for the kids when they were on homeopathy constitutional treatment, but it never lasts for long - too complicated, when they are different blood groups too. Your course sounds very interesting - a subject I'd like to know more about too.


Wow, look at the color of this dish! It is so inviting that I just want to tuck in....guess I'll have to make it myself!!! Lovely!


With all due respect that sounds like a load of cobblers! I cant see how different blood groups would change the way your body metabolises food. I think its more important to reduce your calories and increase your activity!

Mind you, its an absolutely delicious looking dish! Thanks for sharing


never heard of the blood group diet before - am always struggling to remember my blood group anyway! The sort of diets I respond to are ones that say eat lots of veg (sure!) but not ones that say measure exactly how much pasta you eat with dinner (can't be bothered)


Oh, but this is just a lovely site! Just came across it! And the "Waiter theres something in my..." idea is great! I´ll join ya in a moment when I have more spare time!



That's a rather exciting version of roasted sweet potatoes (an oldie but goldie in our kitchen).
Care to share a Cavolo Nero recipe? Since we get it quite often in our vegetable box I had to look around and discovered how many lovely things you can do with it ... curry, risotto, pesto ...


I love roasted sweet potatoes they are so sweet and comforting and go so well with red onions. I sometimes roast a sweet potato and then mash it with some spring onions and use it as a dip - delicious.

Rachel Ward

500 sweet potatoes? Oh my!

Jeanne @ CookSister!

Mmmm, I adore sweet potatoes - the idea of combining this with red onions and coriander. Definitely a great addition to any Sunday lunch table :)


Love sweet potatoes in every form, gotta try this roasted version.


Excelent Johanna. I love sweet tastes and I would eat this as main dish along with a salad.

Claudia PAS Bjørgum

a friend of mine showed me the book about this blood type diet around 5 years ago and I totally ignored it after a quick check of the list of stuff I shouldn't eat. Basically all the raw fruits and vegetables that I adore were not recommended to A(-) like me. But I was not in need of any diet at all. I was just checking the book my friend had bought.

I have never engaged in a diet in my life but never really needed one. Not even after pregnancy when the extra 15 kgs went away by themselves. I can't imagine what will be made of me if I ever need to go in a diet...


Gourmet Chick

This sounds delicious - thanks for another great sweet potato recipe which I will have to bookmark. There was also a delicious looking sweet potato dish on 101 cookbooks recently - mashed with coconut milk.

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