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Nov 21, 2008



Ooh, that's one of the easiest brioche recipes I've seen :)
Yeah, the Viennese have a very proud dessert tradition (almost rivals the French!) and it intimidates me a lot-- but your yummy "fleck" (hee) is saying maybe I ought to give it a shot :)


Johanna I love it when you make these kind of Austrian cakes. Although I have to say while on vacation in Austria this summer - I was disappointed with what the bakers there offered. In Germany it seems the "Kaffee & Kuchen" is really marketed well with bakeries offering huge variety.

I love Zwetschkenkuchen!


>>Our way of baking is very far removed from the American (and I guess British) approach where you throw all ingredients into one bowl, mix them up with a fork, pour into a tin and hope for the best.<<

Where did you learn this?

They would if they could afford a Thermomix!


Great post.

I can imagine the pressure and how difficult it must be to deal with long established culinary traditions when all you want is some comfort dessert.

The tart looks fantastic.



Johanna, I know what you mean by trying to get in touch with your "home" food. Not that South Africans' baking recipes is anywhere as advanced as the Europeans, I still managed to produce two flops out a total of two attempts. Damn it.

Your cake looks divine!


Perhaps we are lazy bakers, because I am skightly intimidated by this having so many steps i.e. more than two sets of things to prepare! - it is far more than just a throw it together family cake and if the rest of the tortes are way more complicated then there is no way I'd attempt them at home, though I'm going to have to vist Austria one day to taste them in the coffeee shops!
Looks delicious - I'm not surprised it was raptorouly received!


An interesting post. The recipe sounds fantastic and something I would like to try. But before then when I'm next in Wimbledon it'll be a visit to Pauls. Thanks for the info.


I think British baking is a little more sophisticated than just mixing things together with a fork ;)

I am very jealous of your Thermomix! Never come across a home cook with one, and I am now trying to prevent myself from googling for prices. I do not need one! I do not have space for one!!!

Your Zwetschkenfleck looks gorgeous. I would be thrilled if someone turned up to coffee or lunch with baking like that. alas, it's only ever me who bothers to bake something nice.


i am sorry to have caused this controversy and am sorry if it offended you.
but sometimes when we write, we have to exaggerate a little to try bring a point across.
i was, in my mind, comparing a simple scone with an elaborate dobos torte - and of course there's millions of things in between which show the same level of sophistication and degree of difficulty...
to tell the truth, i have always struggled to do some of the supposedly simple english/american things... i can never get cookies chewy enough, i struggle to make a proper lemon meringue pie (meringue always weeping) and my muffins don't rise nearly as well as the ones they sell at starbucks - i am probably just tinkering with the amount of ingredients too much (always using far less sugar and BP than indicated...) but to me, some of the things any american perceives as child's play is actually quite a challenge. and that's probably because i've never seen it made, so don't know when the right moment has come to take something out of the oven etc...

kit, i know i have caused quite a bit of controversy here and it wasn't meant like that...
if ever you do go to austria, please let me know... there are some great places i'd like to recommend and i am sure you will love the food!
i will be doing a small feature on viennese cafes for a food lovers guide the national geographic are putting together - i will send you that once it is done, just to make you want to go there even more ;-)

Jeanne @ CookSister!

Plums... streusel... what could go wrong?? It sounds wonderful and I demand to have it next time I come over! (I did wonder whether you would step on some toes with the baking comments...!)


WoW! absolutely yummy.=D

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