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Oct 24, 2008



Mmmm, seabass is the best! Nick made some a month or so ago with beurre blanc - all by himself! I was well impressed... Love the Asian flavours :)


Hi Joanna,

this is very alike my microwave fish, which I do very simply or somewhat like you write above.

In its simplest form, I slice thinly some veggies (courgettes work nicely) with a cheese slicer, add some soy sauce, lemon juice, olive oil, lemon grass, coriander, fresh chillies (chopped).

The fish is on top, and all is goes into a neatly sealed greaseproof paper parcel and into the microwave 3mn. That's it. A true 10 mn dish. Except the rice takes 20...

It's nice with Hakke or whatever white fish I get.

And if I have asparagus, I put the fish on top, with lemon juice and olive oil. A little basalmic vinegar before serving is a nice touch.

Muse in the Kitchen

We don't have a Miele steamer either but this recipe looks too good to pass up - we love sea bass around here. Thanks for posting it. I can't get over being able to cook the whole thing in a Miele steamer at one go!


I love seabass. Your recipe sounds delicious.

Deborah Dowd

This looks and sounds incredibly good! Maybe you can negotiate a deal on the Miele with continued posts on its many uses...or maybe they will be too tied up with the crappy economy and will forget!


Serious question.

Is the Miele steam oven a better appliance than the Thermomix, ie which has the greater return on invesment?

Your answer will potentially save me a lot of time and consideration. I have a Thermomix, love it, use it daily. Will I feel the same level of love for the Miele steam oven?

We are a family of four and eat mainly Asian/Mediterranean type meals - if this helps in formulating your answer :)



Hi ecobabe,

If I’d have to choose one, I would go for the Thermomix. Simply because it does so many things all in one machine with just the one bowl, is easy to clean and doesn’t take much space. (also bear in mind that the TX is much cheaper)

I would love the Miele oven as it would help me cook more healthily – yes, the TX has a steamer, but truth be told, I don’t use it very often as I store the steamer bowls separately and am usually too lazy to get them out. When I was testing the Miele, I would use it even just to steam a handful of peas for the boys' dinner. I would never take out the extra bowl of the TX for that.

Saying that, I could never do without my Thermomix, I use it daily and often more than once a day… so if I didn’t have one, I’d buy that over the steam oven.
If you do lots of Asian meals, however (depending on how you do them), or just generally if you have three things you do a day that would work better steamed, I’d go for it. when i had it, i would also sterilise the baby bottles, jam jars, re-heat meals without them drying out... if you have the steam oven, you can basically chuck out your microwave and your health will thank you!
As I said – if I had the money spare, I would run and buy the steam oven today. In the meantime, I think I will dig out the steaming bowls for the TX and store them somewhere handy so I use that function more.

I hope this makes sense.
be well


Thanks for your great reply Johanna, being a mere mortal with a husband working in the financial markets we are not in a great position to be considering big purchases *snigger*. I will happily continue cooking in my kitchen knowing that I am missing out a little with the Miele steam oven, but feeling the love for my Thermomix. Move your valrohma closer to your Thermomix station and get more out of your Thermomix, we use it a lot for steaming and rice cooking.

Thanks again for your wonderfully detailed reply.

xxx eecobabe


I am sure Miele could do a deal with you, especially after giving the oven a test run for them. Look at the beautiful meal you produced in the ovens honour.
If I had the space, and was about to have a new kitchen - this would definitely be a consideration.


Thanks for this elegant recipe. I love the presentation.


Could you maybe convince Miele that you will write a new steam oven cookbook for them, and thus need to keep the oven?

I have a Miele steam oven, and it sits there, in its cavity in the cabinet, rarely used. The problem is that the recipes that come with it are not very exciting, particularly when compared to your presentation, and there is nothing to suggest how to convert a regular recipe to steam oven usage. Searching the internet for steam oven recipes also returns very few results.

How about it?

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