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Oct 05, 2008



this looks fantastic...

i have been meaning to start baking my own bread too, but we have what i think is the best sourdough in london quite nearby at st. john (the restaurant) - have you tried it?


I have tried making my own sour dough, but every time I add in rye flour, (even in small quantities) it just doesn't rise. It seems to kill off the starter :( or be too heavy for it to rise with.
However, I have made rye bread successfully by accidentally adding twice as much yeast as instructed!
I will have to give your recipe a go, once I get a new batch of starter working first.
Thanks for the recipe.


I second the suggestion of St Johns - their bread is wonderful.


Brot backen ist doch gar nicht schwer. Sieht klasse aus.Wir haben jetzt auch ein neues Lieblingsbrot, so richtig kernig:


What a wonderful looking loaf. Being German, good bread and bread rolls is something I really miss living over here. I think it's getting better all the time, but it's quite poor compared to the choices and quality I'm used to from growing up in Germany. I have to say though that I have never yet made my own sourdough bread.

Ludovic Windsor

I've been making bread for over 2 years, with a variety of receipes -from a no-yeast sourdough to walnuts and apricots (perfect for foie gras).

But none of them have the airy texture you've captured in your photo.

After checking your receipe, I guess I need to try the folding: I knead my dough aggressively for about 15 mn, never thought about leaving it to rest between folds....


I'm glad that recipe was a success. I'm still too intimidated with the amount of nurturing needed to have given it a go - still baking my yeast bread every other day though.

My oven struggles to get up above 200, so that might also be a problem.

It looks gorgeous though and I can smell it from here!


What a beautiful crumb. There's no better feeling (and aroma) than pulling a sourdough boule out of the oven.


Looks great with that open crumb and a proud crust. I don't think any baker in my neighbourhood bakes such a loaf. I didn't know that it existed just until a couple of years ago. Baking bread really is an enriching experience.


Hi Joanna,

I've experimented and posted the results based on your receipe on my blog:

Thanks again!


With the boost of Johanna's starter, this was the first loaf I have made that was good enough to share with anyone outside the family! Many thanks, Johanna


Looks fantastic, Johanna! I've never managed to get the hang of sourdough, so I'm really impressed with your loaf.


it is good


I am trying to get hold of a sourdough starter? your bread looks fab. any ideas, could you really send me some? all the way to the isle of skye?!

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