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Jul 23, 2008



Glad to hear you are not giving up on us and I for one look forward to hearing more about what you've been up to. Hugs!


such a nice theme, and it might just be enough to drag me out of food blogging retirement! have been busy finishing up my job but with no new one in sight, I'll have lots of time :-)


ah eva, i'll gladly take some of your time... if only that was possible! i am sure you'll be busy again in no time, so enjoy it while it lasts!!!

yep, meeta, just have to gain momentum now - please someone, egg me on!


Que bueno! I am glad to see you're back. Have been missing you're recipes and can't wait to see more on your blog in the future. We love the city guides and wish you continued that series!
Thanks for a great blog and lots of inspiration always


aaah till 18th of August - that should be manageable... and I love the theme ;o)

havn't hear form each other quit a long time huh? I am sending warm greetings from your home Austria - well the weather is not the best around here but right now we are enjoying the harvest of "Wachauer Marillen" at home and it soothes my soul a little bit at least... :o)

hope you all are doing well


Oh I am thrilled to hear you aren't stopping blogging. You'd be miss!


How could you even contemplate stopping blogging...thankfully you decided otherwise! YAY!! It's hot & humid here, but will try & dream of a picnic & put something in the basket! Ciao for now!!


Hi again...just posted for the picnic ...will mail you soon.


No matter if you only posted once a year I'd still come and read and hop around your archives :)


Please Johanna don't ever stop blogging, even if it means you post occasionally! We would all miss you.


Oops! I just sent an entry in without the subject!! Sorry here's the link Thanks!


oh i hope i wont be too late to concoct a recipe for this picnic party!!


I've just chanced upon this blog and perused the resource links you've just posted. Very, very excellent recommendations which I will be using for our next family picnic! Cheers.

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