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Jul 24, 2008



Great to have you back Johanna, and this sounds (and looks) absolutely delicious! Good luck with all your other endeavours too, I hope you are not pushing yourself too far. Take good care of yourself. With my best wishes.


This looks like a great bread.


Ja, das ist schon ein tolles Buch, daraus habe ich auch schon viel gebacken! Ich muss nur das Ösi-Typenmehl in Piefke-Typenmehl umrechnen. Tolles Backergebnis!


I enjoy this kind of healthy breads.Sounds good. Nice to read you again ..and I know what you mean when you said chauffeur.. ;)


Looks excellent! Ströck's book is a good jump start to baking Austrian bread, indeed.


cool blog!! Nice bread recipe too. I think we'll give this a try


It's nice to read from your blog again! The bread recipe sounds delicious. I lived in Salzburg for a year during University, and fell in love with the bread there. It would be fun to try to reproduce at home.


This looks like a delicious loaf! I love the addition of linseeds and the carrot - I like a bit of texture, colour and extra goodness to my bread.


I feel extra healthy just looking at this sourdough bread.
Making a starter is something I should put on my 'to do' list.


The bread looks colorful and nutritious. I have awards for you waiting in my blog.


That is such a good looking healthy loaf, my daughter is going to get bugged...but I am making this coming weekend!! We do not get rye flour in India, so I am planning to do this with millet flour as I have used it before! I would like to know if you have any other suggestions. Thanks!


We would like to feature this recipe on our blog. Please email [email protected] if interested. Thanks :)

You can view our blog here:

Banana bread

This is not 100% related but ercently I have bought a juicer and if you use it to make carrot juice you get great juice and great leftovers that would be perfect for this bread I think... only if they need to be a bit bigger because these are really small shreded pieces.


Wow! That bread looks amazing! I wonder if it would be a lower carb bread to serve to a diabetic. Well, I guess the carrots would probably have to be cut bad a little more. Anyhow, it looks delicious!


Hi Diana,

to be honest, I dont know, out of my depth here as I dont know any diabetics...
but the recipe is lovely, please do try it.

Kind regards

Gourmet Nut

I think this is fine for a diabetic... The pumpkin seeds is a great touch, I can't wait for Thanksgiving this year!

Feel Like a Nut

Made it. Loved it! Next time we give it a whirl we are going to add some chopped up nuts to give it a little different texture! Should be interesting!


Hi bread lovers,

I’ve recently started working with Sourdoughs International and I’m learning the difference between using authentic wild yeast and commercial yeast (bakers yeast) the taste and appearance is so different it is absolutely amazing! I totally recommend that you check it out at, EnJoY!!

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