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May 07, 2008



Sorry to hear you've been so sick and on a sunny bank holiday weekend too. It had better not be the only sun allocation for the summer - I'm planning on bringing some over with us in June!

Freecycle sounds great!


Oh wow - can we have that to snack on this weekend instead of cake?! Looks fantastic.

I have heard of Freecycle - just never had the opportunity to use it. When we had to chuck out our old sofa and wardrobe, we found a local charity called Homestore that collects clean used furniture from your house in East London for free, and redistributes it to low-income households. They are very efficient, if anybody else in the East needs to get rid of furniture!


I really have to try this!!! it looks amazing!!!!!

Scott at Realepicurean

Fantastic. A great way to get all those summer flavours down in one small portion!


what a nice recipe - great idea! genuinley have never seen anything like this before, and i'll be trying it out!

Pesto Lover

I love pesto! For more great pesto recipes, see

We Are Never Full

what a gorgeous recipe. i love this type of cheese. i'm going to have to remember this one!


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