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May 12, 2008



estoy de veras se ve buenisimo!!! no solo me encanta el cheesecake y el mojito., pero ademas me fascinan las presentaciones en verinas individuales!!!


estoy de veras se ve buenisimo!!! no solo me encanta el cheesecake y el mojito., pero ademas me fascinan las presentaciones en verinas individuales!!!


Oh those look wonderful and if they taste like a mojito even better!


Now that is a brillant idea!


They look perfect! I could just sit in the sun and eat a couple! Thank you for your entry!

michelle @ TNS

i love the presentation. because tiny things are cute.

i might add a little rum whipped cream, just to sneak the booze element in. y'know, because i like booze.


Great idea and they look just divine! I totally love anything lime but mojitos are a favorite - and added to one of my fav dessert, that's a total win.


Oh my, these look delicious. It's a hot day today where I live, and this is a perfect food group for the heat! Will certainly try during the weekend - if I can wait that long!


I could have quite happily sat outside in the sunshine last weekend and ate one of those. Alas, the sun is nowhere to be seen at the moment.
They look delicious Johanna.


I love mojitos, and these cheesecakes look divine - serving them in small tumblers is such a neat idea! Thanks for sharing, have to make these soon :-)


Made these this weekend (without rum because of kids). Went for mascarpone and only a bit of creme fraiche. Huge hit. Thx!


Thanks for this wonderful recipe! The flavour combination of mojitos is a sure win. Will be trying these out some time soon;)


Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your amazing site, recipes!!!! I have learned so much from you. My husband and I both greatly appreciate your talent.


What a fabulous idea! I like my drinks on the weak side too... I like to enjoy the taste as much as the loopiness!


You had a wonderful idea, the cheesecake looks wonderful,I have to try it.
Thanks for sharing and compliments for the photos too.

Cristi Roman

I never tried Mojito:(

Wine Blog

Mojito Cheesecake's! Too things I really love, can't imagine how it could go wrong, besides maybe the mint part being a clash with the cheescake.

Bellini Valli

Wouldn't this be the perfect summer baking:D


You make them look so much better than they looked in Delicious!

The Cooking Ninja

wow! These are beautiful and great dessert for summer weather. :)


Thi looks lovely and really tasted!!!xxGloria


What beauties you have here!Looks delicious Johanna.


Those look so pretty and refreshing!!


These look delicious and SO summery. Just beautiful! (Hooray for being able to drink, as well!)


I really love the idea. Is bookmarked now, for an outdoor lunch in next summer

My Sweet & Saucy

What a great idea! These little cheesecake bites sound fantastic!


Oh, so cute! I love Mojitos, so I'll be sure to try these out this summer :) (Assuming the sun ever shines again, that is.)


The idea of using quark here really appeals and they're so cute :)


I always order mojito in a bar,
And I'm a big fan of cheesecakes,
Now you just put these two things together,
I must be in heaven!

Susan from Food Blogga

What a lovely presentation and refreshingly delicious dessert, Johanna. I love it!


Those just look excellent


Wow! Yummy!


Very Very visually appealing…great presentation


What a great idea, these sound fantastic! I'm sending this one over to!! Thanks for sharing and the photo is awesome too!


My wife will love these!


I used pretzels instead as a base just make sure you process them really fine and they taste so amazing with the cheesecake mixture. I used Butter flavored pretzels so I didn't have to use so much butter... lower in fat and cholesterol and sodium.


Maybe this is a stupid question, but can I make these and substitute that liquid mojito cocktail mix? I bought it to try making mojitos at home because I am lazy and didn't want to make real ones, and the taste was awful. But I don't think it would be so terrible in a dessert. But I have yet to find any dessert recipes that call for the actual mix.


I should think that's possible! I am not sure about quantities, though - I guess 4 limes would be about 75 ml in juice, plus the 4 tbsp rum, so I would go for 85ml of your mix and omit the limes, sugar and rum in the recipe, adding more sugar as required to the final mix.

Do let us know how it turns out!

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