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Apr 27, 2008



I make my own granola too... it taste so much better, and at least you know what is in it! I like your recipe, i'll try to make it soon...


That looks really tempting! Yum! I have been eating porridge with apple which is good, but this looks even better!


claro que puedes publicar la receta! x cierto que es el WTSIM??? recetas de brunch o algo asi??? tendre que echar un vistaso! hasta pronto.


I'm a recent convert to making my own granola and I agree with you that its so simple and yummy. Yours looks delicious. I like to eat mine with thick yoghurt.

Patricia Scarpin

I have got to stop being lazy and make my own granola. This looks wonderful, Johanna.

michelle @ TNS

i don't know why i don't do this. i love granola, but I hate the sugary fatty store stuff and the hi-end brands always seem too pricey for their own good (i'm cheap). i definitely need to get on this.


i do make my own granola too these days, that way i could control what's in it. are we good or what? ;)


i love granola for breakfast. love it with yogurt and stewed fruits. i think it's a healthy option to start the day :D


I think I could easily add this to my die-hard breakfast repertoire. I love oats but usually just shake them raw onto my cereal mix - this sounds scrumptious!


I love granola and often make my own. Will promise to make this recipe very soon. It really does look delicious served with the mixed fresh fruit.


I've been dying to try this ever since you told me about it - and now armed with the recipe I might do just that :) Thanks for hosting & I can't wait to see the roundup.


Isn't homemade granola wonderful?!

Next time I make it, I'll have to follow your lead and add linseeds (that's flax, yes?), pistachios and cashews as well!


te paso el premio de las amigas blogeuras. Te invito a Recogerlo en mi blog y a pasarselo a tus amigos blogueros


I made my own granola a couple of weeks ago - and it was definitely more chewy than crunchy. do you have any tips on that? i added some bananas which maybe softened all the nuts when I baked it!! it was delicious though.
Check it out if you have time:


This looks super yummy for breakfast, I will definitely try this out sometime!!


This looks fabulous. So pretty and so healthy. To be honest, I'd never thought about making my own granola before. So in addition to picking the greatest WTSIM topic ever you've also totally widened my breakfast-horizons. The hat is off to you :)


I'd love to wake up to this granola. It looks great!

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