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Feb 03, 2008



Yum! I'd love to see more soup recipes from you!


I will never complain about things being to sweet. Though this is a lovely savory alternative.

Deborah Dowd

Woman cannot live on sweets alone(though she would sure like to!) Great recipe, I am putting it into my reperatoire(did I spell that right?) for the upcoming meatless Friday's of Lent!

Bellini Valli

Bring on the ginger and lime. This would be a refreshing change to all the heavy based soups I consider to be comfort foods.


If you're ever feeling lazy you should try Saigon Saigon, on the main street just before Ravenscourt Park. They do some quite decent pho bo (beef noodle soup). Certainly the yummiest I've found in west London. Not ever compared it to the supposed bests in Shoreditch though!


That looks delicious! I'm really commenting, though, because i read The Last Chinese Chef this summer and just LOVED it! i felt like i learned so much about china and chinese cooking (i actually read it during a trip to china, which could have helped!) -- I've tried recommending it to people, but no one has even heard of it! I hope you like it as much as I did!


hi katy, found it to be a very interesting insight into chinese food. It was probably also the only way ever to get a glimpse of this, as reading any Chinese books on the matter (even if translations existed) would be unintelligible/inapproachable for a foreigner like me.
So I closed the book on the last page with a) a real lust for Chinese food which I had completely lost over the years eating too much crappy Chinese and b) a hunger to go to china one day, even though it would be impossible to gain access to this world in the way she did.
i will recommend this book, even though i found her prose a bit weak... then again, it's just the sort of light reading i needed ;-)


Interesting! Never had something anywhere near your soup. it's a must try for me:)


This sounds so good--and a great departure from the heavy squashy soups I've been making all winter. Thanks.

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