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Jan 28, 2008



I wouldnt say say it didnt go to my hips. :-) Its amazing all the varities of this pie.Well done.

Bellini Valli

My biggest mistake in making the pie was my timing. I had to eat the entire pie myself!


This looks delicious. I love everything with lemon!
If I hadn´t too much cake last weekend I´d try it immediately. But now it´ll have to wait a couple of weeks.


Great looking pie!


Your pie looks very nice. This recipe was different from the one I use also, but I liked the taste a lot too.


This one looks so elegant Johanna! Love the way it browned! Well done!

Butta Buns

Healthy, you say? Well, I need better foods in my diet so I might as well have another slice....:-)

I love the circular pattern on your tart, it's lovely!

Ulrike aka ostwestwind

Wow! Just wow!
For me the biggest challenge to to convert the recipe to metric units. I hate cup measuring...


Your pie looks wonderful! Great job!

foodie froggy

beautiful pie, makes me crave for it even if I had one just a few days ago !


Looks great!


Your meringue topping turned out lovely and evenly brown.

Gretchen Noelle

Hoe great that you have enjoyed all of the challenges so much, including this one. Your photo looks lovely!

Big Boys Oven

The meringue is beautifully done!


you did a great job on it..


It looks great. I laughed when I read "beetroot tartlets" as I made a beetroot cake the other day :-)

Pieds Des Anges (Kyla)

Completely reminds me of my grandmother's lemon meringue. I have been meaning to join Daring Bakers for a while. Great post!


Looks beautiful! I don't know about the crust getting soggy ... did yours last that long? ;)

desie the maybahay

looks great. i am glad you enjoyed this version.


You had me laughing over the "beetroot tartlets." Your meringue looks so elegant the way you swirled it. Very pretty!

Simona Carini

Your pie looks lovely.


Great-looking pie! Now I know why I didn't need any water for the crust, I'm so bad at converting that I only used 250g of flour. I also used more cornstarch and more lemon juice - did I already mention that I hate converting? But I'm really happy that despite all this it turned out so well..;-) Do you have a good online resource for converting?


But who wouldn't love a pie like this! Beautiful!


Mmm looks great! And I have to say, beetroot tartlets actually sound quite good!


So glad you liked the pie....looks great.


Beautiful pie! The meringue looks dreamy.


Your pie looks wonderful!




Your pie is beautiful! Well done!


Your pie looks like a delicious pillow, Johanna! Not that I'd like to rest my head on it.. face first or anything.. *cough*

Well Done!



Turned out great! Happy happy LMP :)

Andreia Sousa

Your pie is wonderful. I must say that I visit your site often and the photos are very appealing and also the recipes. Well done!



What a great looking pie! The meringue looks just perfect, like a delicious cloud.
Love your blog!


Looks great! I'm glad everyone enjoyed.


Beautiful meringue photo above the black tart pan! Nice job- I enjoyed your post!


oooooh! Ahhhhhh! mmmmm! all smiles here...


But I hear beetroot tarlettes are lovely. ;) I also liked the lack of cream in the curd without compromising taste - made it ok to go back for seconds/thirds.


Awesome's great that your daughter enjoyed it, too...not all children like tangy lemon. Had not thought of it as healthy, but, by comparison, guess it is. I'll have another piece!


What a beautiful pie! I'm impressed :)


i love the pillowy look of your meringue, like floating on clouds. the epitome of meringue.

i just joined the daring bakers and can't wait to get started in march!

Jen Yu

Mmm, what a lovely pie you have there! I'm not surprised you didn't have any trouble with the recipe since you are such an amazing baker - a Daring Baker, I might add :)


Haaa.... never thought about thinking of it as "low fat," maybe I can use that to justify it to myself next time....


Beautiful job! We really enjoyed it too. That meringue looks as good as clouds! Bravo!

Sheltie Girl

You did a lovely job on the lemon meringue pie. I'm so glad your children enjoyed it. Mine only liked the crust.

Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go


Your meringue looks beautiful. :0)


Great job with this month's challenge. How neat that your daughter decided she liked it!


So funny to call a pie with a cup of butter and 5 eggs light! But I guess compared to the other option it is! Your pie is beautiful. Lovely!

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