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Dec 28, 2007



Even though I´ve had lots and lots of mussles in my life, I never had scallops. I´m getting curious about them, more and more, each day!

Ulrike aka ostwestwind

Gleiches gilt für mich: die gemeine Miesmuschel habe ich zu hauf gegessen, aber die Jakobsmuschel nur einmal im Rahmen meines Jobs, muss ich wohl nachholen.

Alles Gute für 2008!


That sounds like a wonderful Christmas lunch!

I have to admit to enjoying turkey, stuffing, sausages rolled in bacon, gammon and all the rest though, so Christmas wouldn't feel like Christmas without it. We have them all cold here with salads, and I feel no sentimental longing for brussels sprouts whatsoever!


Wir hatten auch kürzlich Jakobsmuscheln mit einem wunderbaren weißen Tomatenrisotto. Dein Rezept hört sich klasse an und wird notiert. Das wäre natürlich auch eine Verwendung für die von mir so geliebte Chipotle-Butter...

Einen guten Rutsch!


Scallops are one of my favorite foods and I'm lucky enough here in the middle of Texas (amazing as it is) to be able to get good fresh ones. Today is my lucky day because I'm building my New Year's Eve menu and wasn't sure what to do for a starter - now I know. Yum!

Bellini Valli

Your entire meal sound delicious! This is the first time in years I actually cooked a turkey for Christmas. Sometimes we have salmon, sometimes Prime Rib...but a good friend gave me a turkey this year!


Those look gorgeous.


Wow! I haven't cooked scallops myself, I love them from restaurants. I will try this when I find some, cleaned up! The picture is gorgeous


Nice recipe and picture , as always.
Hope you have a wonderful and happy New Year

Amrita Bala

Hi dearie!

I've started a food forum for all floggers and foodies round the world. It just started today, and doesnt have any members yet.I have sent out emails to mose bloggers, though. I really hope you'll join too! It's a place we can discuss food, share recipes, troubleshoot recipes, post pix of stuff we've made etc. I aim to make it a chic environment filled with people who are extremely passionate about cooking and baking.

thanks a lot! happy new year!


Oh, yum! They look so good, Johanna. If only the best fishmongers in the area wasn't in such a scary area... I'd make these in a heartbeat!


Oh, yum! They look so good, Johanna. If only the best fishmongers in the area wasn't in such a scary area... I'd make these in a heartbeat!

David Hall

My word, these look fantastic, I am positively drooling!

Happy New Year, all the best for 2008

David x


I heard about the carp tradition on Radio 4's The Food Program as I decorated my Christmas tree, and it all sounded very homey and seasonal - now I know the truth behind it! The scallops look lovely, and look forward to reading about the other recipes.


Wonderful recipe your blog is lovely! :-)


Hey, i've been lurking for a while but I thought i'd post and tell you I love your ideas and food, and this dish i great. I've justed started a food blog? any ideas for good communities to join?

again love the site, love the food



wonderful scallops!


What a mouthwatering picture! Sounds delicious to me!

Deborah Dowd

Your scallops look delicious. I love the delicate sweetness of scallops... a perfect company dish!


I made this dish tonight and it was fantastic. I wrote about it in my blog:

I had _huge_ scallops and did reduce the butter a bit because, well, it's the beginning of the year so I'm trying to be better, so mine weren't quite as grilled as those in your picture, but they were fantastic nonetheless.


Great recipe. It's that time of the year again...

Cheers, Peter


Just made these last week. They were G R E A T! Thanks for the recipe!

Have a nice weekend!



Hi Gregor,

thanks so much for your feedback, Im happy you liked it!
Hope youll explore many more recipes!

Kind regards

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