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Oct 28, 2007



That looks beautiful, Johanna. I don't want to buy a Thermomix, but with you and Ximena constantly raving about it, resisting is difficult:)
Good luck with the DB challenge - I only made mine late last night, too (but then K. completed my WTISIM challenge this week, so my life's a bit easier:)


I completely understand you, this October, somehow, was a bit too short, or too quick...I can't decide!?
Cake looks wonderful!


This looks so delicious.
Hope you will write a bit about the college you´re about to sign up with!

Coffee & Vanilla

Wow, I love Napoleon Cake!! Never tried it with raspberries but it sounds like a good idea.



Beautiful! Such a classic combination and such a gorgeous pic. And as we said on Sat, never mind October, where the heck did the year go??


Looks delicious, I love puff pastry and cream and raspberries. I'm curious though about weighing down the pastry with the tray... does it still manage to be light and full of air? the moisture doesn't get trapped and make it soggy?

maninas: food matters

oh my god! I drool I dribble I...
This looks amaaazing! :D


Hi Kit, i've always baked the puff pastry this way and it's never been a problem. no soggyness at all, probably because i use teflon sheets that get really hot themselves. i use this technique because they stay nice and even, rather than all inflating at different points making the layers wobbly.


Beautiful! It's SO great that God put an insatiable craving for raspberries in me and I was born where there are no such things as raspberries (except frozen-- and expensive at that). Naturally I am drooling over your napoleon!


This looks absolutely gorgeous! So crispy and airy...Pure elegance!


Wie konnte ich das übersehen?

Du solltest mit diesem Millefeuille an dem Blog-Event Bistroküche teilnehmen!
Näheres unter
kennst Du ja sicher.....
Würde mich freuen!!!

Panch Kanya

Simply lovely, mouth watering.
You can send your entry for solkadi fruit feast

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