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Oct 06, 2007



I remember having arancini when I lived in Rome at the tavola calda - they were one of my favourite takeaway snacks, but I've never tried to make them for myself. We do occasionally have leftover risotto but in such miniscule quantities, that we'd get about one arancino out of it.


Wow! Those look absolutely amazing! I've been having trouble finding polenta, but if I do I'm going to be all over that recipe.

Anyway, the original reason I stopped by today was to let you know about a food blogging event I'm hosting, called "A Vegetarian Feast." I love that your blog has a lot of great veggie-themed recipes, and it's not a requirement that participants be vegetarian, just that the dish you submit contains no meat. The first round is thanksgiving themed, but broadly it can include any vegetarian dishes that use fall ingredients or make you think of Thanksgiving. If you're interested in participating or mentioning the event on your blog, you can find details at the post I listed as my "URL" for this entry. Thanks!


They look very delicious. I could imagine them with preserved cranberries as well.


Oh. My. God. That's just.. over the top. I *have* to make them. Just have to. They look incredible, all crunchy, gooey.. aaah!


Hi Johanna ... what a good idea ... as you say, less trouble than making risotto from scratch - although, I find the way to make sure there's some left over is to make enough for twice the number of people that there are, large portions all round. Then there's a little left! And great to have dumpling rolling tips from an Austrian master of the art ...

Thanks for sharing

Flo Bretzel

That looks great!

maninas: food matters

mmmm sounds lovely! i love the combination of cheese and corn, so i'm sure i'd like this one!


I've always wanted to try these! They really do look divine. I have leftover risotto every time I make it!


These look sensational... I can't WAIT to try them!


I just had my first arancini ball last week. I loved it. The best thing about your post is that I have batch of leftover polenta in my fridge. I can't wait to make your recipe!


Yum! Though polenta can be found easily here, I'm still afraid to make it. Baby steps-- I'll try making it basic before moving to your level!


Wow! That looks so good! I can't imagine how wonderful they must taste!


Yum, BUT I am more interested in the bowl at the back of the photo and it's contents??? Vida x


I can vouch for the fact that these were heavenly. The only problem is suddenly finding that you have eaten the entire bowl!! Lovely shot, Johanna :)


kit, that's exactly what happens around here, even though, joanna, i sometimes make double quantities... it's a bit of a miracle, really!
judith, vegetarian thanksgiving options? we don't do thanksgiving here, but i guess anything autumnal will do? thinking about it already...
claudia, cranberries are a great thought: sort of like fried cheese, but with the added bonus of the polenta!
yes, anne, you're spot on. i just know you're going to like them.
maninas, we don't use corn very much, so i had never had cheese with corn - but it's a winning combo!
julie, if you do, you probably don't have a large family or they're all on a diet ;-)
erin, so pleased i could help you out here. let me know how it went!
manggy, ah, don't worry, it's not that difficult. you'll be rewarded for your efforts!
Vida, the bowl holds tomato sauce - I normally make my own, but this particular one is a "seeds of change" tomato and roast pepper sauce i buy because there's always someone in need of a quick lunch around here ;-)
jeanne, tell me about it, it happens all too often. but we did well, still managing the cheese fondue after? and the preserved pecorino? god, now i know why my jeans don't fit this week!


Want These Now.

Deborah Dowd

These look tempting and delicious, and I will have to give these morsels a try!


That sounds so delicious and not TOO complicated to make. Sure, I never made any dumplings, despite living in Austria (to my excuse, I wasn´t born here). But it looks like something I will definitely try.


Wow johanna, these look amazing! I bet I could drop these dumplings into a gravy and eat with rice or bread too:) yeah, I'm thinking of fusing indian with german food!


Thank you, but I doubt I can get there here in Australia!!! I will do the red pepper sauce Joanna posted instead. Vida x


Seriously drooling here! These should be illegal!!


I couldn't find a way to privately email you so I'm leaving this comment. Your post has been copied and pasted to another website without citing you as the source. You can find it here: as Polenta Dumplings. If this were my post and it was taken without giving me credit, I would hope someone would notify me so I'm leaving this information here for you.


Thanks so much for the recipe.. a great gluten free alternative to Kartoffeln Klöße. My 4 year old and I made them together last night and they were fabulous!

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