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Oct 14, 2007


African Vanielje

Johanna these look gorgeous, and I am firmly in the you can never have too many recipe books camp. Recipe books are like source books for artists. They are inspiration as well as instruction and who cares if you actually make something from them. You never know what little bits have stuck in your mind and are contributing towards a great creation. I consider a book that I regularly make 2 recipes out of a good buy. Very few have more than that. How could they, we are all so different.

Gretchen Noelle

WOW! Those look and sound incredible! I too love passionfruit...but I drink it more than bake with it. This may change my mind!


That is gorgeous!


These are beautiful! So very dainty.

foodie froggyf

I love those mini cheesecakes. I bought a mini-cheesecake pan when I was in the US last year and it is amzing !

gloria Baker

I love these minicakes, they looks so lovely, your blog is so nice Gloria

maninas: food matters

This is a fantastic combination of flavours! I'm bookmarking this!

You've just reminded me that I have a Brazilian recipe for a fantastic passion fruit mousse, that I should make and post soon! Which reminds me, you could use concentrated passion fruit juice in the passionfruit icing, in case you can't find passion fruit sometime. i get concentrated passion fruit juice from a Brazilian shop around here (oxford).


Wie hübsch! Ich liebe Passionsfrüchte auch sehr - leider findet man sie hier in der kulinarischen Diaspora so selten.


I know what you mean when you were thinking to buy another new recipe book. Although I only have a few, sometime I just can't resist to have another one, esp when they are cheap.

By the way, the cheesecake looks really nice. I'm sure the passions fruit and the coconut have done the trick!


Oooh lovely! Now I want one of those Johanna. I too have Eric's book, its fabulous.


ich freue mich gerade sehr, dass ich dank deines safran-kommentars entdecken durfte. feed schon abonniert. jetzt lese ich mich mal quer durch. maracujas sind klasse, neben himbeeren, pfirsichen und walderdbeeren gehören sie auch für mich zu den aromatischsten und interessantesten früchten - wenn sie reif (also schon schön schrumpelig) sind. liebe grüsse aus wien!

desie the maybahay

gorgeous looking little cakes. the passionfruit and coconut combo is a sure winner. hmm, will have to make these soon.

Flo Bretzel

Ohlala, these mini cakes look really great!


The passion fruit cheesecake looks incredible. So elegant with its light dusting of coconut..perfect for company. I can only imagine the flavour combinations!!!


Wonderful! Those miniature cheesecakes look gorgeous and ever so cute!




Absolutely gorgeous! Love catering for the simple reason that I get to make lots of minis and I feel like I am finally allowed to play with my food!

maninas: food matters

Hi Johanna, any luck with concentrated passion fruit juice? :)



quizá la primera vez que probaste fruta de la pasión fue en Jungapeo. Tenemos ahí muchísima (kilos y kilos cada semana, de hecho). Y no sabíamos que se comía hasta que una vez Andrés las descubrió (él la conocía de cuando vivió en Colombia) e hicimos agua con ella. Luego le fuimos agregando otras frutas que se dan en la casa: mandarina, limón, naranja, guayaba y bautizamos la bebida como "Jungapunch" (¿la llegaste a probar?) Si no, a ver cuándo se animan a venir a visitarnos y lo preparamos juntos con fruta recién cortada.




ay, abraham, no sabes cuanto me encantaria ir, solo estamos esperando que henrik tenga unos cuantos anos ya ya no vamos. lo hecho tanto de menos, mi mexico lindo y querido y tengo ganas de ensenarle a chris y a mis hijos lo maravilloso que es ese pais. aqui nos vemos y si todavia se te antoja, nos damos vuelta por jungapeo ;-) (y por donde anda andres, quiere venir de pachanga cuando vayamos???)

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