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Oct 29, 2007



OMG, could those look any more delicious?! I love the idea of miniaturising them too. Well done you on completing BOTH your baking tasks this weekend - just my WTSIM entry took up all of yesterday! And as you know, Saturday was a write-off... ;-)


Great presentation! Love the little flecks of vanilla in your custard.


This looks........ sooooo yummy, beauty, xxxGloria


Your Bostini Cream Pie looks very luscious! I like how the photo in the spoon turned out-quite lovely!


I can so relate to your thoughts! I too always have trouble converting from cups to metric. So, while I was in Dubai I bought a bunch of US cup and tablespoon measurements and am hoping it will help me out a bit mor next challenge. Your dessert looks brilliant. Nice job!


Love the spoon presentation idea - very inspired!! And I'm impressed - I made my Bostinis last night, and thought that was late - but this morning??? You're daring indeed:)


Your presentation is gorgeous!! I doubted as well, but was pleasantly surprised!!


I'm glad you finally did decide to make it! I had trouble halving the recipe as well and I was keeping the original measurement units so I don't know how you did it. Well done!


These are beautiful. They are making my mouth water. I love the presentation!


Love the vanilla flecks, and the spoon presentation is great, its so rich that its a perfect amount


The Bostinis on a spoon look great, though I'd be afraid of overdosing as I did spoon-shot after spoon-shot of Bostini!


I'm not surprised you loved this so much, yours looks incredibly decadent. I still have the leftover elements of mine stashed and I intend to eat it for many days to come..


Your bostinis look wonderful as finger food Johanna! Like you, I'd never heard of it before either - and I'm not keen on chocolate and orange combined.
I gave up trying to convert measurements qutie a while ago - I've got so many American cook books it was much easier to just buy a set of measuring cups and spoons a long time ago.


So glad you finally gave it a try.
Your presentation is beautiful!


fabulous presentation johana, as always!


OMG! WOW! What a creative way to serve the Bostini's! Well Done.

African Vanielje

Joanna, they look gorgeous. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who left it to today, although I did leave it a bit later than you


Yup, that custard is a keeper isn't it!! And that wonderful sprig of mint on top just pops your dessert off the page!! Great job on the challenge this month!!

Elle (Dove)

Perfect mouthfuls. Or is it mouthsful? Those photos look so good, I just had to lick the screen.


Wow! I love the spoons. I would like all of them please..:) Great job!


Gorgeous presentation and I am glad to hear you enjoyed the end result. I am sad I made it earlier and spread the custard chocolate cake love around the neigborhood early in the month because I wish I had a Bostini right now!!


Yay for overcoming fears and giving things a go. They turned out beautifully. Like you I'm not good at working in cup measurments.


Oh, just lovely! Great job! I felt like you did about the recipe, but I also feel the same as you about the finished result! Great surprise! Your spoons are adorable - that was a great twist!


looks and sounds great. it somehow reminds me of "somloer nockerl" - they are made without orange, instead of one kind of sponge cake two or three (one with chocolate or nuts, i think) but topped with vanilla custard, raisins, chocolate sauce and whipped cream, too. i suppose you know that dessert - what do you think? i never heard of bostini cream pies before...


Your presentations of the Bostini challenge are very innovative!!! O loved to just look at your photos for a few moments! I do love Boston Cream Pie so would probably love this as well. Custard is not everyone's cup of tea but I grew up in a British family. Custard abounds!


What a cute way to plate! Love it!


I was like you, but unfortunately, I also ended up not caring for the dessert. However, it was really fun to get in the kitchen and make myself do the challenge. I agree that the orange zest made the cake smell so good, and look how wonderfully your Bostinis turned out! :-)

Jen Yu

Perfect idea with the spoons. That quantity was about all I could eat too - it's so rich! Lovely post.


I'm so glad you enjoyed the recipe. I love those little spoonfuls.


Oh My!!! These little things are adorable! I think I may use your spoon idea for my cookie swap!


I love your amuse bouche Bostini's!


I love the spoonfuls of Bostini! What a neat way to serve it! I also procrastinated, but with the best intentions... :-)


What a lovely presentation! I doubted as well, but I really liked the bostinis (in small servings though as they were so rich).


those are absolutely divine! you captured them beautifully :)

Sheltie Girl

You did a wonderful job on your bostinis. Lovely pictures.

Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go


I LOVE that you can see the vanilla beans. The spoon is appealing.


Ohh those lil spoonfuls are adorable!

hehehe glad you surprised yourself by liking it! Mary knows her stuff, eh? =)

Beautiful job as always, Johanna!



It looks fabulous on the spoons!


Can I just say that I love love love your presentation? Very creative and looks so polished and professional! The touch of mint is interesting!


Oh, the spoons look so pretty, all dressed up in Bostini! Fabulous job, and a good alternative to a bigger dessert. It would be awesome to serve these as part of a dessert buffet. I'm glad you charged in and did the challenge once you set your mind to it!

Erika of Sweet Pea Blog

It is funny, I had similar reservation but due to the quantities of the ingredients... "was I going to have to go out and buy a hen for all those eggs??? ;) However, after 1/2ing the recipe and seeing positive results, I realised I should never have doubted Mary's choice.
Also really like how you presented the desert - original & well photographed :)


I love the idea of making it in the little spoons - and I'll bet that, calorie-wise, it's something more tolerable! Great idea!


For me, you get the award for best presentation. Well done!


Your spoon presentation is so fresh and original. Your write-up was a pleasure to read and your photos beautiful. Wendy


I love your presentation! Really wonderful!




I love your "bite sized" approach to Bostini... at that size you take a serious chunk out of Julius' 1170 calories per serving -- you can now have your Bostini without spending 10 hours on a treadmill to recover from the caloric indulgence!


gorgeous bostini spoons! i love this presentation, perfect bites since everyone has been complaining that they are so caloric...great job on the challenge!!

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