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Sep 30, 2007



Oooh, you're a daring baker too! Well, of course you are! And congratulations on the first challenge! I love the photo of the dough in the oven - but I'm glad it's not MY oven.. :) Pistachios and apricots are perfect together - great move to use them in this!


Sorry to hear about the oven incident:( I only made my buns this morning (yes, the day of the deadline), and was lucky as everything worked out well. That pistachio-caramel-apricot combo sounds delightful!


I love the combination you used, they look fabulously sticky!


It is funny to read how you "mull recipes" because I function the same way. The problem is that I never succeed to repeat what I have cooked so, when I cook it is always kind of a surprise. It's fun but sometimes I cook something really great and then I can't re-do it because I can't remember what exactly I have done earlier. (uf, English grammar is killing me)
btw - great post!


LOL, loved your story and the twist you gave it with cardamom. a must try soon !!!


Johanna, you are too hard on yourself: they look absolutely smashing! Awesome job on your first challenge! I love the apricots in them! Made me want to make another batch just for those!
Husbands and food shopping, oh boy, do I have funny story about that. B. takes his cell phone and calls me from the store now!


The apricots are such a tasty choice, I wish I could try one. They look gorgeous and I bet they tasted even better. Great job!


Tempting! Very tempting!!!


Your sticky buns look fanstastic. I couldn't believe the photo of your dough! It certainly was alive and kicking. The pistachio and apricot combo sounds lovely.


I plan on trying the cardamom and pistachio combination next time. Well done on making buns that you liked best, I halved the recipe a made cinnamon buns for my daughter and sticky buns for me!
The green of the pistachios looks so beautiful in that glaze.


yes, anne, i am a DB too! i would have joined much earlier if it wasn't for henrik - small babies never make for good planning and sticking to deadlines ;-)

pille, you are one brave woman. i have been caught out far too often... even leaving the write-up till this morning felt a bit too daring for me! lol

brilynn, they were - a star is born, you must try this when you've gotten over your little drama ;-)

sanja, i am sooo with you on this, re-creating one of my thrown-together-at-a-whim dishes is nigh impossible - so we rarely eat the same thing twice at home!

yambalaya, i only discovered cardamom this year and i feel my cooking is so much better for it... it's a fantastic, exotic addition to my spice repertoire!

helen, oh yes, we would normally have had that, too - except he left his behind..

laurie, awoz, thanks so much, they were a great combo, indeed!

katie, yes, talk about hyperactive yeast!!!


They look great and I love the idea of cardamom as a variation. The dough in the oven would have had me freaking out.

Interesting about using oil rather than flour to prevent sticking when rolling. I use sunflower oil now in my bread tins, but have to be careful to use the bare minimum or I can taste it on the crust, which is too reminiscent of school fried bread for me.


The dough rebelled against you...but you tamed it...very nice.
They look gorgeous.


Beautiful :)


Kit, Fried bread? You poor thing! I couldn’t believe it when I got fried bread the first time I ever tried a fry-up… and the oil must have been used for tons of fries and other pub grub before that… positively YUK!

african vanielje

Johanna, your buns look great. I was too scared as a newbie to tweak much so will just have to make some more with apricots & nuts


WOW! I thought my dough rose well!! Yours really rose!!! Great job on your first challenge and great combination on the sticky buns!! Welcome aboard!!!


wow, this looks absolutely 'sticky' and delicious. great idea with the cardamom. it has to be my favourite spice and your flavour combo sounds very 'north african', which i am into at the moment. the post was quite a funny read.


Well done! Well done! I love the idea of the apricots. Yum!


That's some healthy,active yeast you have there.
The finished product looks wonderful!


Well done Johanna.Your buns looks delicious.I love cardamom, and apricot,you made my mouth watering


The cardamom and pistachio combination sounds lovely! And the story of the dough going walkabout in your oven is priceless! Welcome to the Daring Bakers!


The combo you used is fabulous!!!


Ha! Yours is the 2nd blog I've read so far that had a "dough explosion" in the oven (Sass & Veracity was the 1st heee!)

But you overcame the near disaster in perfect order - your buns are totally droolworthy!

An excellent post, Johanna!



Nicely done, Johanna! I love the combination of apricot and cardamom!


Well done, what a lovely idea to use apricots. The dough looks like it's trying to escape :-)


Now we have the same weather being in the South East but you obviously have a trick for rising dough. After 2 hours my dough had hardly risen at all. I only did cinnamon but they were still really good.

Yours look fantastic!


I think these sticky buns are absolutely gorgeous...the touch of pistachios for that hint of color is a brilliant and Helene have both inspired me to use pistachios in something baked very soon. :-)


I can't believe how much your dough rose!! I love the modifications you chose - they sound heavenly!


Yum, apricots and caramel. My oven hates me too, but just for burned sugar, it didn't get raw dough. Hee. Welcome to the DB!


After all the angst your buns turned out devine looking, and I am sure the apricot and pasitashio comb was delish.

Gourmet or Gourmand?

VERY yummy looking recipe...I just did my own sticky buns over the weekend, I will try yours and see how they compare! And aren't homemade sticky buns just soooo much better than store bought??


The pistachio/apricot combination sounds like an absolute winner! :) Scrumptious looking buns :)


breadchick: i know, quite scary. sometimes you spend ages praying it will rise and others it will just explode on you - go figure!

maybahay, north african indeed! it rocks, but i am only slowly discovering it. will be checking your blog for inspiration!

dayna, i never thought this was possible, but i learn a lot about doughs the more i bake... and you can really tell just by looking at it what state it's in - and this one certainly is hyperactive!

lisa, i'll check SV out... to show some solidarity at least ;-)

dagmar, i know - what have i done! i tried to treat it nicely and all... but i tamed the beat in the end...

amanda, maybe it was the fact that i used fresh yeast? i always have better results with that and i do suspect that english dried yeast might be less active than american and therefore the recipe would need adjusting? just a thought!

belinda, you've gotta love pistachios for the visual drama they add, don't you? i can't get enough of them and they're certainly underrated in cooking these days.

jenny, burnt sugar? ouch! that sounds very painful! i am lucky it was just some cold and sticky dough for me...

gourmet or gourmand? i have never even tried buying them at a store... seeing how dreadful the simplest cakes taste, i wouldn't trust them with this. and it's not that difficult to make, and sooo rewarding! definitely making this again!


Your buns look delicious! I like the idea of sticky buns with dried aprictos and pistachios - a must try!


Great job on your first challenge, Johanna! The sticky buns were my favorite as well, and I´m glad you were able to fix the overflowing dough problem and get these amazing results. Apricots and pistachios, now that i need to try.


Oh how utterly fabulous this looks! And well done you for persevering in the face of adveristy to get these made... ;-) I have loved chelsea buns since I was a kid but have never had this apricot/pistachio combo. Now, of course, I won't rest till I've tasted it, LOL!


Your buns are beautiful!
I used apricots too with pineapple and almonds- don't they look like jewels in all that lovely caramel?
Nice Job!


Oh wow, your dough really went to town in that oven! Looks like you were able to rescue it though, so welcome to the Daring Bakers!

baking soda

All through the post I was nodding in recognition, yes to caramel, weigh vs cups, winging a recipe etc etc (did I mention caramel?). I'm surprised by the force of that dough in the oven!
Loved your write-up! and buns, sure the buns!


I think your combination sounds really tasty. I love apricots and your pictures are making me hungry. :)


Dried apricots seem a perfect remembrance of summer here. I'm glad your oven survived its invasion! Your buns look great!


I really think pistachios are a great idea here, and despite what you wrote, I think your apricots look great on these buns! I hope your oven came out of this all right. =) Congratulations on your delicious-looking buns and your first challenge!


Hooray for stickie buns. I think my biggest issue when I joined was stay with the recipe. I wanted to change everything. Like you I found when I followed the recipe, I learned so much! And if I changed the recipe, I'd have missed learning what I did. This was a wonderful challenge for learning but also allowed creativity! That's probably the best of all worlds.
Welcome to the world of Daring Bakers.


I'm not a big sticky bun fan, but I love this idea! It looks a little daunting, and I'm not entirely sure what fresh yeast is, but I might try it one Saturday.

Fresh/live yeast is what bakers use for making bread – it comes in huge blocks (and small ones for the retail market if you happen to live in central Europe, at least), is v dense and beige in colour. It works faster and is stronger than dried yeast and (I think) has a subtler taste.
In the UK, you can buy it in health food stores sometimes, I just go to the supermarket (where they bake their own bread) and ask them to cut off a block for me… some don’t do it because they’re not allowed to sell “live” material, but one does without fail. I couldn’t live without it.

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