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Sep 21, 2007



Whoa! That looks extraordinary. Great photos and great flavor combo!!


The cake look scrummy. Very light and fluffy. Your story made me smile, my family always take everything bar the kitchen sink whenever we go on holiday - even chopping boards!


LOL! Johanna, I know what you're talking about. When we do the self-catering holidays I too take everything - even the kitchen sink ;-) Those frowns you were talking about are well known to me too. It'S a good thing we have a mini van! I just love the sound of this cake. It sounds so moist and yummy!


I love those kind of cakes-yours looks great!


qustion re: the thermomix - do you actually bake the cake in it, or just use it to mix the cake ingredients? I am about to embark on thekitchen renovation and don't know how long I will be without a stove top and an oven and was thinking about investing in a thermomix - otherwise I'm going to have to learn how to bake in my Weber barbeque...


Actually after reading your method for baking the cake, it does sound like you still need an oven... Ah what will I do while I wait for my renovations? Can you bake cakes in a Weber?


Hi Johanna ... I wish I'd had a thermomix to take to the self-catering kitchens we used to rent when the children were small! And my husband would have complained just like yours, and then been pleased to eat the results. What cookery books did you take with you? That's always my biggest decision for holiday cooking!

To answer ecobabe's question, Lakeland sell something called a Remoska, two sizes, which would complement a Thermomix when you don't have a kitchen ... it looks like an electric frying pan, but is much more versatile, and you can use it to bake cakes. And, no, I don't have shares in Lakeland, or Remoska (which is, I think, Czech)



hillary, thanks, you gotta love apricots and walnuts... best ever!

meeta: a mini-van? why didn't i think of that? and where were you when we decided which car to buy?

david - thanks, coming from a pastry chef, that really means something!

ecobabe, the thermomix is good for chopping, melting, steaming, mixing, and many more thinks, but it doesn't bake. i do make risotto in it, though, and soups, you can steam rice and do all sorts of things. never tried baking a cake in the weber, but that does sound like a fun experiment for next summer! good luck with the renovations ;-)

joanna, i have seen the remoska but always thought to myself that it's just another thing in the kitchen that i am not using... not enough to keep it on the countertop at least. but i know that some people swear by it!


I know what you mean - my family went to a cabin for Christmas last year and the kitchen supplies were horrible! This cake sounds wonderful!


Your story made me laugh,For not say cry.Last year my husband and i rented a lovely cabin whit a wonderful view for the lake and the andes..lovely.. except the kitchen,and I did´t think in take kitchen supplies. :-(
The cake sounds wonderful Do you think if a make the cake whit red fruits,results good,or are so juicy for this kind of recipe?

The Cooking Ninja

It happened to us once or twice when we rented a house for winter holidays and they didn't have a lot of equipment in the house that we have to do everything by hand and use a beer jug as tea pot to make tea. My FIL would frown and moan whenever my MIL pack the car with load full of groceries, pots and pans etc for holidays in a rented place.

Your crumble looks super delicious.

Scott at Realepicurean

Ok. Best cake I've seen for a long time. I'm a crumble addict so any new way of eating is is great to me!


sylvia, I definitely think you can use red fruits – even if they might make the pastry slightly moister! I am sure it would work with raspberries, blueberries as well… just give it a try, the recipe is really easy!

cooking ninja, thanks! i also served risotto out of a salad bowl and drank champagne from a cheap wine glass... but never mind. memories that will always stay fresh in my mind!

Well thanks, scott, you really should try this one! I only discovered crumbles over here and I like them a lot!


I feel like there's so much I don't know when I read your blog. I don't have a clue what a thermomix is but will google it. I do totally understand the packing thing though. We borrowed a roof box this Summer, it was great and stopped the usual discussions as to what I'm not allowed to take.
A great cake to justify you packing all your kitchen stuff!


Mmm, that looks just heavenly Johanna. The flavours remind me of the apricot strudel we had in the Naschmarkt. As I adore apricots, I'm going to have to give this one a try!


Amanda, the Thermomix is a very special kitchen gadget, produced by a German manufacturer, and only sold via direct distribution, rather than amazon or highstreet shops. It is used extensively in the top kitchens around Europe (Manoir au Quatr Saisons being just one example, they have 5 of them!), but also available to the humble housewife (if her purse stretches). Luckily mine did, or shall I say my husband wanted to compensate for buying a rather useless (in my eyes) gadget for himself ;-)

Their official pages are here:

jeanne, i'd even lend you my thermomix for this purpose...

Playful Tartelette

How I miss my mom's Thermomix. Hers has got to be at least 20-25 years old. She just had to replace parts once! I loved the heating and mixes chocolate for ganche in it. Back to your cake...simply gorgeous!


"ganache: obviously.

Gourmet or Gourmand?

This reminds me of my frequent trips to visit my mother, who has never been a cook herself. I take it all, mixer, mixing bowls, measuring spoons, waffle iron, you name it.

This cake is right up my alley, I love coffee cakes. I'll give it a try, maybe this weekend!


Ooh, I particularly like how easy and versatile this one is. Your recipes always come out looking fantastic, but I'm afraid I won't be able to replicate, or find ingredients. I know I can do this, and I also like that you gave several fruit suggestions so that I can play around with combinations.


Yummy, this one is really, really good! I love the crumble! :D

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