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Aug 27, 2007



Mmmmm, having had these I can vouch for how good they are. Melty, stringy mozarella with the tang of chile - what's not to like?! And so pretty :)


I can vouch for their goodness as well - and now I realise why Johanna didn't allow me to take photos of them ;)


You've brought together three of the best ingredients ever...lime, mozzarella and chili! Oh man, looks delicious! Never thought to use limes or lemons as containers...


These are adorable and sound delicious!


Wow, that's something new!! great entry!! I've sent in one too:)


What a clever idea! I love limes and lemons and thinking of them as containers opens up a whole world of possibilities. Thanks! Great blog BTW.


What a great idea Johanna - definitely a new one for me - looking forward to giving it a go once summer arrives here.


what a great idea Johanna. Love it!


It sounds delicious, but I'm confused -- do you eat the lime container? Or just scoop the cheese out with an implement? Or squosh it on bread?
Props to you for squeezing a BBQ into the quality weather we've been having .. ;)


It always gives me a headache when people think vegetarian means fish and other animals living in the sea.

If it is a dead animal or made from one it is not vegetarian.

Pescetarian people are not vegetarian ones.
This may be more understandable if somewould would eat beef and call himself a beefetarian and vegetarian.

What i also love grilled are mushrooms.

You would not even need a stuffing, just try to get button mushrooms where the hymn is intact so the juices will stay in the mushroom, otherwise use a grill pan so the juices can be collected and later dipped with bread.

Maybe marinade the mushrooms with some soysauce before grilling with a bit of roasted sesam oil and then eat them with garlic butter heavy on the herb side.

I like to melt the fat until it is only slightly warm and then work as much herbs into it as there is weight in is more a pesto, but when it cools down you can make nice decorations on the plate.

Instead of limes i could also think of the little round courgettes or egg plants which can be found on the asian market.

Maybe even onions?

Or the small red, slightly spicy bell peppers..grilled bell peppers are one of the things no one wants to miss and so easy to make.

Not to forget the classic corn on the cob.

I never tried grilled pineapples, but grilled bananas with a scoop ice cream as a dessert are just brilliant.


I have just tried out the salmon dish on my bbq, I cooked it for lunch for my husband. I love the other stuffed limes they look amazing, I will try this out next time.

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