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Jul 15, 2007



I'm afraid you lost me when you said the food at Wagamama was great.


I've read a lot about this place, but the comments I've heard about the service have put me off entirely. I understand that some people like this kind of thing, but I want the staff to either be friendly, or just keep out of the way. I can live with obsequious, I can live with being ignored, but if you're not going to be polite then at least have the decency to leave us in peace to eat our food.

Rant over.

I've recently liked Chuen Cheng Ku (Soho), and I've heard very good things about both Dragon Castle (Elephant & Castle) and Pearl Liang (Paddington). CCK at least does dim sum all day.


I had a bad service experience at Yautcha was a Monday night and the place was empty, but they ignored our table AND the table next to us for most of the evening. We were constantly trying to flag someone down!

Re coming for the food and not the service...well, if they're charging a £2 to £4 premium on dumplings, I'd argue that you should feel like that premium is worth it...and I'd definitely say that the folks at Dragon's Castle are faster, nicer, easier to flag down, and more knowledgeable about the menu.


Wow. I don't know if I could ever tolerate such sloppy service. For me, the experience of dining can be completely ruined by lackluster service, particularly when it borders on rudeness (which is what this sounds like).

I'm so glad that Wagamama still serve great food and provide a friendly service after all these years.


What does Yauatcha mean? Is it derived from his name? The food sounds like a great experience but I agree that lousy service can interfere with enjoyment.


Great post Johanna - I've linked to it on my review of the same evening. And Hillary - as far as I've heard, Yauatcha derives from Yau (the owner's name) at cha (tea).

Chew on That

Thanks Jeanne, I appreciate it! That makes sense.


Yum - the slimy rice rolls are my favourite yum cha dish and the Gai lan cheung fun sound delicious. It's lunch time and now I find myself craving yum cha! Yum cha service is renowned for being sloppy and rude, particularly in Sydney, but I don't know if I could handle the sloppiness you've described at Yauatcha's prices.

Steamy Kitchen

Cheap, good Chinese food is awesome! Esp if the restaurant opens until 2am!


Been a waiter. There is no, repeat NO, excuse for nasty service - and this sounds nasty rather than simply rude. (Deliberately rude can at least be entertaining, as long as one IS served.) A restaurant offers not only food, but OF the food - preparation, presentation and service. Without the service aspect, presentation is less enjoyable, and even preparation can be felt questionable; if the establishment cares absolutely nothing about its customers' dining experience beyond shoving them in and out the door as fast as can be done and taking their money in the move, then why should anyone believe they care about anything? Sorry, but no matter how fine the food, on this one I would pass, prefering not to be abused while unloading wads of cash.

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