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Jul 30, 2007



Such a wonderfully classic sauce. And oh yes, I saw that Thermomix, and enjoyed the perfectly smooth hollandaise at your place. So you've kept the machine?? Tempting, but as we've just bought an ice cream attachment to our KA mixer, we must wait a little before investing in another kitchen equipment..


I love hollandaise, but have never attempted it on my own. Great entry!


pille, we did indeed! it is so very versatile and useful, I am using it almost every day. in fact, i cannot imagine life without it anymore!


Hey there, I´ve never tried to do my own hollandaise - I`m not that good with sauces anyway. But your bread sounds and looks delicious.

(btw: hope I didn´t freak you out with my e-mail! If yes, I´m sorry, I didn´t mean to.)



Oh, Johanna, one of my favourite light meals! Everything about this combination works, and I am sooooo jealous of your Thermomix! I've seen that baby in action and if I owned one, I would never buy another jar of sauce again! But alas, if I got one in my ridiculous kitchen, I would have to throw out the microwave or kettle or something to make space :-(

Deborah Dowd

Damn! That looks totally delicious. I am going to use this for a meetless Friday meal!


Very intriguing that you made an egg-based sauce to put atop a poached egg. Looks wonderful! Thanks for taking the challenge.


I have never tried this! sounds yummy..

Susan from Food Blogga

Hmm...I missed this when it came out. Glad to see it now though. You make a classic dish look even classier.


Oh my god that looks fantastic!
I haven't had that in so long... it's 11:14 on a Wednesday night, do you think it might be to early for breakfast????


Hi Johanna, after a few years of making it ourselves by hand (whisking, stirring, sweating) we've now been trying to do it with the Thermomix as well but somehow it doesn't come out right. It tastes great but is doesn't get thick. Any ideas? (We follow your instructions exactly.)


Hi Claudia,

I have often been wondering if the recipe in the Thermomix book was right - I have found a combination of next to no water, a lower speed setting and increasing the time to get mine right. I haven't made it in a while so can't remember it off the top of my head - but try it. just be careful as you lower the speed that the sauce doesn't stick to the bottom....

i'll make notes when i next make it and let you know.
the other way, of course, would be to add some corn starch - would you think that's cheating?

good luck

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