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Jul 10, 2007



Johanna - this Henley Regatta picnic sounds as tempting as all the previous ones you've blogged about. I truly hope to be able to attend one of the picnics myself one day :)


Another great day indeed! And not as unbearably hot as last year. You failed to mention my chocolate chip and hazelnut cookies though and as I was up until 2 the previous night baking them I demand a mention! :-)

Your muffins were delicious btw.

Matt (in Finland)

Good for you Johanna! Great reading, as always. My kids still won't tolerate asparagus. Better luck next year..
Your blog is a real joy :-)


You guys were so lucky with the weather - it must have been the first dry Saturday in at least two months!


pille, you do have to come next year, we will all dress up for the occasion, i promise!
andrew, any chance that you have left-overs? can you send them? you know where i live!
Matt, thanks a lot - my kids don't like asparagus either - i bet this salad would look and taste just as nice with some french beans instead!
sophie, you might put it down to luck, but i did dance for the weather gods every night before the big day...


With 14 oarsmen staying in the house, it was always unlikely that I would be there - annoying, as I live about a mile away from your picnic spot and I like a blogmeet! Sunday another year?

About the wellies ... actually, very unusual, special permission given by the Stewards, and we couldn't remember the last time that had happened, despite remembering some even wetter regattas over the decades. And, of course, most of the meadows that are used by spectators are part of the flood plain, so very prone to becoming sodden and muddy.

But you were lucky with the weather - obviously Wednesday through to Friday involved brollies as well as wellies!



Erm, point of order, Ms Passionatecook... here is the excerpt from my invitation e-mail:

"I suggest 2 dishes per person MAX, but if you desperately want to bring a third I won't stop you"

Ahem. Awaiting grovelling apology!! ;-)

It was a fab day all round - have been so tied up this week that I'm afraid my post is still a work in progress. Your muffins were so divine, sigh... I definitely think next year we need two days - onw for the picnic and one in the enclosures with hats and focks like Nick and I did this year! Can't wait to do it all over again next summer :)


Jeanne, they call it artistic freedom, i believe. Plus I draw on a host of conversations where the 1-dish per person WAS mentioned.
Anyway… where do I send the money? ;-)
And what on earth are focks???

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