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Jun 12, 2007




I just discover your blog which seems exciting. Your passion curd is very nice like your pictures!
Your are in my favoristes now!


über Ostwestwind bin ich auf Deinem Blog gelandet, wow! Rezepte gefallen mir richtig gut!

Werde jetzt öfters reinschauen!!!

Jennifer - Eat Drink Talk

Cool! I'm pleased the Meyer lemon curd made such a good impression.

I went berry picking on Monday and made a huge batch of raspberry curd which was just delicious. Just puree the raspberries in a food processor, push them through a fine sieve to remove the seeds and add to your egg and sugar mixture.

Hope to see you soon Johanna!


I just made lemon curd! And I made way too much (as usual).
This is a much appreciated suggestion.


That curd looks gorgeous. Now, when was my next trip to London again?? let me see..

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