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Jun 10, 2007



yeahy, dumplings!! I'm just back from a weekend in Prague where I had so many dumplings I almost turned into one! but they were all very very tasty! and this will be a great motivation to make some at home ;-)


argh - I just made and have already posted on my blog some baked pierogi last night which I think are dumplings of a sort! I love dumplings but I obviously have a different idea of them - mine is probably of more british origins - potato dumplings in stew or golden syrup dumplings - am interested and a little intimidated by your filled dumplings but will think about putting in something by 30 June


I love dumplings and will try to think of some new ones for this, but I must admit I don't understand why you won't count fried dumplings.

I really love some of the fried dumplings I get when I go out for dim sum in chinatown, and wouldn't mind trying to recreate gow choy gow or some others for this event if I could.


Just being difficult, danielle ;-) it is for fear of everybody turning up with doughnuts!
Would I bend the rules for a fried dumpling that’s not a doughnut? Certainly!
Can’t wait to see what you’ll all come up with !!!


johanna, pierogi are perfect! i am sure you can cope with another batch for this occasion? maybe on their own this time or a different filling?


Ok, glad to hear that deep-fried (i.e. boiled in oil) dumplings that are not doughnuts are ok. Will probably be making pontšikud :)


Ok, that's it. I keep missing this event!

Dumplings it is, then. Matt will enjoy this very much. Count me in...

The Cooking Ninja

Hmm ... I already have in mind what I want to cook for this dumpling contest ... hmm ... one stupid question, do we have to do the dumpling skin ourselves or can we buy it off the shelf?


What? We can't include kneidlach?? Oi vey.

We'll have to resort to kreplach.


When I first saw that the theme was dumplings, I immediately thought, "What a wintery theme! Has Johanna moved to the southern hemisphere?"

I must say that the only dumplings I have ever made have been UNstuffed, "cuddle-up-in-front-of-the-fireplace" kind (which I adore). I will have to put my thinking cap on for this one!

Do ravioli count as dumplings?



Oh god! No one mentioned STUFFING!!!


Wow… I knew I was opening a can of worms here! I completely forgot about dumplings that don’t use dough!
silverbrow, if that prevented you from participatimg, I would accept matzah balls too!
elizabeth, yes, ravioli count. see above. mmhh!
cooking ninja: of course you can buy store-bought... but where? i have never seen that. can't wait to see what you come up with!


Of course, NOW I see that ravioli were mentioned in the rules. I must have been blind because of the panic that stuffing wasn't allowed.

I'm with you, Andrew... (I'm still reeling that a dumpling has to be stuffed??!!!)



How wonderful! There's no better excuse to indulge in some sort of "Mehlspeise"...;-) And it's getting so chilly here in Sydney at times - sitting with a hot water bottle on my lap right now... - that it fits perfectly into the season!

Steamy Kitchen

Tomorrow: 8 hour flight. Plenty of time to brainstorm a new dumpling creation!


Wintery? I think not! I can think of three recipes so far that are vibrant and summery. Looking forward to taking part in my first Waiter... event!


I do have a sweet recipe - but it is a yeast dough and fried. So will find a way to reinvent it perhaps as a baked dumpling...


Johanna you got me on my knees...
my granny was wonderful at cooking dumplings of all sorts (I loved the sweet ones best) and I love to eat them, but when it comes to making them myself... uhm ... I have to admit I am some sort of Knödel-phobic I fear...



Hi! I'm new to your blog and I want to contribute to your event but I don't know your email address.

Name: Arfi
Post: I Got Green Dumplings in My Pudding (

Thanks a lot! Happy hosting!


Hi Johanna - quick question, I have a recipe I was going to post that is called chicken and dumplings. It's an American recipe and is basically a chicken casserole that is topped with dumpling dough and then baked. Does that count? Wasn't sure because they aren't technically stuffed, but rather a cover!


Dear Johanna - I don't think I have the wherewithal at the moment to stuff a dumpling!!!Mx

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