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May 10, 2007



Great explanation of the similarities and differences, Johanna, thanks! I'm a particular fan of the asparagus steamer because the thicker ends are closer to the heat than the more delicate tops. But I did manage to rig one together for $5 (using a collapsible steamer inside a tall, inexpensive metal pot) and can't think I'd pay $40+ more as I see them advertised for.


I love you Johanna, just for being the only other person I know of who thinks 1 kg asparagus per person is ok! I have often had people look at me as if I was insane becuase of this.

Susan from Food "Blogga"

Thanks for this informative post, Johanna. I adore all types of asparagus and have eaten ridiculous amounts of it this spring! Unfortunately, the white asparagus here in Southern California hasn't been as good as it has been in past years. Perhaps, I need to take a flight to go to your market. ;)


Johanna, a kilo per person is fine with me too. I would not need anything else - ummmm!

Scott at Realepicurean

Beautiful looking asparagus! I'm a fan of it too, but it has strange "bathroom after effects"


First time to ur site. All ur recipes are great. U have a nice site..


Simple but oh so yummy.

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