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May 18, 2007



Oh man! That looks sooo good Johanna! Haloumi, roasted peppers and aioli - what a fantastic burst of flavors.


Here's another cheat's tip. To peel a pepper, use a swivel blade potato peeler. There is of couse slightly more wasteage, but no need for all that grilling and wrapping in cling film, and if it's good enough for my culinary god Marcella Hazan, it's good enough for me!

Also if you want to try again the traditional method, here are a few tips that help. Use waxy potatoes, so they don't fall apart when you fry them. Peel, chop into smallish chunks, and soak them in water for 20 mins then drain and pat dry in a teatowel, and they will fry much better. You are supposed to fry the onions and the potatoes together, as your exchange student said, so make sure the pan isn't to hot, and stir them about from time to time and all should be well, the onions should be just golden by the end. It took me two or three attempts to get it right, and I'll admit that the final cooking of the eggs is still tricky, as I have never managed to flip the omelette over for the correct authentic effect, finishing it under the grill instead, but even when if it's is a bit messy it's always delicious!


Looks delicious. I have only ever cooked frittata, which I remember eating in Rome served in a panino as a wonderful bar snack. I always finish that off under the grill too, rather than risking the dangers of unset egg over the kitchen floor.


600 potatoes?!? Wow, really?? Sorry for being the pedant ;) Should that be 600g?


Oh my god that looks so delicious! I need to try making some!

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