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Apr 23, 2007



Must go foraging for some wild garlic. Living out in the 'sticks' there must be tonnes around here! I love the idea of wild garlic in risotto. Perfect coupling!


Yum - that is a great risotto recipe. I haven't made risotto in so long - I need to set aside a night to do that this week.

Have you ever done a search for risotto on the Better Homes & Gardens website? They have, like, a 1000 variations. I figured you might like some of them:


I'm completely nuts about Wild Garlic and this sounds truly delicious!! I'll definitely be giving this a try, thanks for sharing this recipe!


Is there any chance that your wild garlic is the same as what we in New England call "Ramps"? Your description (looking like lily of the valley) sounds like it...


We have a whole field of these outside our apartment - they are all over Holland!


wild garlic is allium ursinum, whereas the latin classification for ramps is allium tricoccum. they look very similar, though, even though the ramps i see on wikipedia look stronger/thicker than the very tebder leaves of wild garlic and might require more cooking, rather than just stirring into the risotto as i did with my leaves.
but, being from the same family, they should taste just as nice in a risotto!


I've been rummaging around the hedgerows/woods this weekend looking for wild garlic - with zero success I might add.


I'm jealous of your travel and your garlic.


well, andrew, at least you can be certain you didn't pick anything poisonous ;-)
peabody, i will be writing down some of my experiences soon, so in case you happen to go to vienna, you have some tips!


Delicious!! I'm torn here. Wild garlic (known as 'karulauk' or bear's garlic here) is a protected species here, and you're not supposed to pick them in the wild. My seeds didn't germinate, unfortunately. Yet apparently there's a forest near our house where you can find some... Oh well, I should check the local market these days to see if they've got some cultivated wild garlic there...


¿Y cuando cueces el "bärlauch" sigue teniendo sabor a ajo? Yo solo he conseguido mantenerle el sabor a ajo cuando lo hago crudo...
¿Cual es el secreto?


marona, si mantiene su sabor a ajo, pero es muy delicado. si lo utilizo en sopa, le pongo una papa nada mas y un monton de baerlauch al final... en este caso con el risotto, como se lo pones al final, en realidad no cuece, asi que guarda su aroma. pero es bastante sutil en esta receta, eso si.


Love that wild garlic too!


Thanks for the botanical classification! I will try it with ramps if I can find any.

Susan from Food "Blogga"

Ah, the famous white asparagus, hey? I still haven't seen it at my farmers' market, but I'm eagerly waiting. We do have a nice variety of garlic though, which would be great for your risotto. I especially like your addition of the smoked paprika, which must add complexity to it. Lovely post and recipe.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

I love white asparagus- but can rarely find it in Alabama. The risotto looks perfect!


yes, the famous white asparagus. i've seen some on the borough market already, but it's the french variety, which isn't quite as tasty as what i grew up with. but i will, of course, buy it... cannot resist the temptation. smothered with butter, then sprinkled with parmesan, there's hardly anything simpler or better. except fresh crusty baguette (still warm) with salted butter, of course!


I made pesto out of it last week. It grows like weeds in the Englischer Garten in Munich.
The pesto is yummy! Much better than any store-bought stuff.

Steamy Kitchen

this sounds so delicious!!!


I hope you don't mind but I made the dish and posted it on my blog. I gave you all the credit though for the simple yet tasty combination.

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