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Apr 30, 2007



I like the grated potato idea and using fresh apple Johanna! My baking skills aren't great but it does sound fairly easy so I'm very tempted to give this a go. Would it work with the sort of yeast you can get in the supermarket? I did have a live sourdough starter once but I'm ashamed to admit that I killed it :-(


supermarket yeast (fresh) will certainly work: sainsbury's and tesco's have it in their bakery!
good luck with it...


I love working with yeast dough... it's so relaxed, you don't have to hurry. I made a stuffed Hefezopf (what does this translate to? Plaited yeast loaf?) before Easter, with nuts, poppy seed and plum jam filling. It was yummy!


Ooooh, I LOVE Chelsea buns. Next time we get together for breakfast/brunch, can we make these?? Please?!


Du hast leider eine meiner Lieblingsmehlspeisen vergessen zu erwaenen: Mohnschnecken und Mohnkronen!! Clemente


God not another reminder of Chelsea! v.sorry, I also happen to be a very passionate football fan and I'm still in a bit of a tantrum after our Champions League exit last night


We make something similar here, called 'pidusai' or festive bread (lots of cinnamon rolls - kaneelirullid - neatly next to each other in a round tin), though I've never used potato in the dough, and my favourite filling is just cinnamon-butter-sugar. Must try with grated apples - I can see it resulting a flavoursome and moist filling!


What is the function of the potato in the dough? Coming from an English baking background, the potato seems rather incongrous, or am I just totally missing something. I'm planning to give your chelsea buns a whirl this afternoon when typhoon toddler runs out of steam... I don't have any potatoes in the cupboard and am wondering if they are a very necessary secret ingredient to this dough.


Hi ecobabe,
The potato (I read on wikipedia) accelerates the growth of yeast. I am sure it can be left out, but might take longer to rise. Also, if you do leave it out, you might have to add some more liquid.
Let me know how it went, if you can!


I'm still trying to find some kitchen time to make these buns, maybe will get there this afternoon! Interestingly, I read an article about an English bakery in Sydney, Australia that used potato in it's breads in the early 1900s so I seem to be misguided in my thoughts that potato and English yeasted doughs have no history. You certainly learn something everyday!

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