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Mar 28, 2007



/that is fantastic!! I can join now.

Deborah Dowd

Great, I am working on something right now! Hope your kids are better soon. I had Scarlet Fever and was quarantined as a child and my own kids had scarletina several years ago. No Fun!!


Really sorry to here about your sleep/illness problems Johanna. I hope things improve for you soon.

I'm glad the deadline has been extended though - I was going to beg you to accept a late entry anyway as there was no way I could write anything until the weekend!


this means I've time 'till sunday to get up my entry in time?

I intended to post our this year's easter sunday dishes and realized just with this post that this would be too late anyway :o(
Maybe I mixed up the deadline with another event...

So I hope I'll manage to come up with an "easterly" entry by the weekend. :o)


Woo hoo!! Long live extended deadlines (although bizarrely, I was planning to post tonight, once I'd had a chance to edit the photos...) Don't worry - I was late last month when I hosted too, so you're in good company!


Sorry to hear about the sick kids - it isn't fun at all. But it does get better. Hang in there - Easter is just around the corner!



Hope everyone is feeling better. I posted last night (3-27-07) for the event, but couldn't find the e-mail address to e-mail you.


Do take care! With good food, it's ok to celebrate Easter later ;p

Margaret Wise

Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear! Hope everything will return to normal as soon as possible. Take care. Mx


shite... is that the time already! post on its way...


sorry to hear the news - hope you are all on the mend. I was just checking in on the rules as I am trying to get my post up by midnight PST as planned. Glad to know I have permission stay up to 1am in the morning if needs be!


well, sam, if i am completely red-eyed, why shouldn't you? come join the party!


Great, thanks!

Hope that everyone is feeling better!

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