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Mar 15, 2007



Oh my... is easter already at our doors?
An interesting theme although easter is not that much celebrated in my family... :)

Scott at Realepicurean

I'm spending Easter in Poland this year, which apparantly has some great traditions - and should make for a few excellent photos, too.

ala Grecque

It's really exciting that there is yet another festivity to give us the opportunity to be with family and prepare all those delicacies that smell like Spring. Excellent theme


Very nice! I found this link through various hops, and this is really interesting for me! I am actually hosting a very similar event for 'Weekend Cookbook Challenge' on my blog. I'll definitely submit my entry here too and come check out the roundup! Thanks!!


please could you clarify - does 'before the 28th march' mean we have to post by the 27th, or just as long as we get our post up before the 28th is over?

I had the number 28 in my head as a marker but now on coming back to double check only just noticed the ominous 'before' word.


sam, no worries, you have the whole 28th, even US time!!! plenty of time to get your entry in...

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