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Feb 13, 2007



I´m not a big fan of bitter orange marmelade. But this pic you posted really wants me to try it out on a warm and buttery bun. Pass some over please! ;)

James Burke

Hi, Where do you all get these spoons? Im in the UK!


I have two kinds of spoons, the one I bought at The Pier (own label), the others (and slightly nicer, if more expensive ones, and the ones used in the picture) I got from my local kitchen shop, kooksunlimited in Richmond. They are from Maxwell & williams a brand which is available in most department stores.


Isn't proper marmalade great? I really enjoyed cooking with it

Scott at Real Epicurean

I am a fan of "proper" marmelade. Good going on the post - it's something I've not made personally before but would love to give it a try!


Lovely picture - and I wish I could get some Seville oranges (or even Seville orange marmalade!) here. But nope. Totally unknown here:(


I love seville orange marmalade, made it myself for the first time last year, this is soooo good.

Have to look for these spoons, they are beautiful-


Bring on the biscuts!

Janet Mansell

I winced when I saw the word MARMELADE. Really.. From blogs to recipes.Why can't people spell words correctly? I didn't have a fancy education,but I CAN spell.


Hi Janet,

Thanks for alerting me to this – I am normally very meticulous with my spelling and show the same sort of reaction when I see errors. I never knew that the correct spelling was marmalade, I always assumed it was the same as our German Marmelade.
I will try and rectify all instances of “marmelade” as soon as I get a chance!

Uli Schuh

What's wrong with the word 'marmelade'?
Just look at its origin:
Os Ingleses estão comendo menos "marmalade". É feito com as laranjas amargas (originalmente o preserve Portuguese "marmelado" do marmelo). Eu cozinhei recentemente uma refeição deliciosa do pato com repolho vermelho e marmelado

Mary Legge

I make marmalade from seville oranges every year. My recipe is different and I think easier. I put the whole oranges into a large pot and add water until the oranges float about an inch. Then I cover the pot, bring to the boil and simmer gently for about three hours or until the skin of the oranges is soft enough to squeeze between your fingers. (Sometimes I put the pot of oranges into the oven and let it simmer away happily).The next day when the oranges have cooled, I cut them in half, scoop out the pips with a small spoon, and reserve the pips. I continue scooping out the rest of the flesh and add it to the large pot. Then I chop the peel as finely as possible and add it to the water and rest of the flesh.
Then I stir the peel and flesh and water together, and measure it.Tie the pips in a small piece of muslin and add also. To every English pint (20 oz) I add 16 oz sugar. Dissolve the sugar in the liquid and bring to the boil and boil to setting in the usual way.

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