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Jan 23, 2007



Ah Johanna, we converted to smoked ham about the same time. Mine managed to make it to Christmas dinner but was sans pineapple but was a similar revelation. And I'm a colcannon fan too ...

Yorkshire Deli

Tradition? Not sure - you often see gammon steaks with a desultory tinned pineapple ring in (non-gastro) pubs (if I'm slumming it that far I prefer a fried egg on mine!). Peaches work well too.

Yours sounds wonderful. I would normally soak or boil the ham first to bring out the salt, discard that water and start from there, but the fresher and better quality the ham I guess the less salt there will be lurking there.

I've often thought there's a book to be had out of taking dishes that are perhaps looked down upon as passe or as pub grub fayre, and recreating them with quality ingredients for today's discerning palate. Or maybe Gary Rhodes has already done that?


The pineapple ham looks great but I can't wait to learn about the Colcannon! It looks like cauliflower and spinach.


Yes, as Yorkshire Deli said, we have a great tradition in Britain of something that masquerades as gammon and pineapple. Personally I'd rather eat the plastic models made for food photography. Where they've really got the knack, they burn the pineapple under the grill and turn it over so you can't see the black bits until you try biting into the rubber gammon.

Colcannon is a traditional gaelic dish made from potato and kale and it's delicious.


I have many happy memories of smoked ham with fresh pineapple back home in South Africa - that's what we always had for Christmas! But I must say I would run a mile if I saw it on a pub menu because you just KNOW it's going to be yucky. I have a smoked ham sitting in the fridge right now - I think I have just seen its future ;-)

Interesing what you say about the tenderising properties of the pineapple enzymes. An ex-boyfriend's mom used to buy calamari steaks (notoriously chewy!) and marinate them overnight in shredded tinned pineapple. Then she'd rinse the steaks and fry them over high heat - the tenderest calamari you can imagine!!

Susan at Food "Blogga"

It's been a long time since I've eaten ham. I think it was Easter 1990. But if I were to eat it again, this would be the way. Now, if my meat-loving husband sees this picture....

P.S. I've seen your comments on some other posts and thought I'd check you out. So glad I did! Your recipes look wonderful.


My husband loves ham and pineapple and the only time I ever make it is at Christmas time.


Now you can't go wrong with pineapple and ham. That's a match made in heaven. The picture looks amazing by the way.


It's a shame that most pubs muck up gammon and pineapple so badly. I'm sure it is really nice if it is done properly, like your version. Unfortunately the couple of experiences I've had with the pub/chain restaurant versions has put me off trying this for years!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Ham and pineapple just go together, like peanut butter and jelly.
Looks great!

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