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Jan 29, 2007



Gratuliere zum Nachwuchs.
Alles Liebe und die besten Wünsche


a huge big congratulations to all three of you!



Alles Gute zum Nachwuchs! Meine Tochter sollte theoretisch in etwa 3 Wochen zur Welt kommen, aber wer weiss, wann sie tatsaechlich soweit ist.
Die letzte ruhige Zeit versuch ich noch so viel es geht zu geniessen und ausgiebig deine koestlichen Rezepte nachzukochen.
Herzliche Gruesse aus NWLondon,


:) Congratulations, Johanna!


Big congratulations to you and your family, Johanna.


Congratulations, dear Johanna! Px

Patricia Scarpin

Congratulations, Johanna!!


congratulations johanna!
I like the name you've chosen.

best whishes from vienna :o)
(aus der alten heimat)


Welcome to the World, Little One!


Oh it is *about* time, isn't it?

Very warm congratulation to all of your family and I hope to meet little (tall?) Henrik soon!


Congratulations to you and your family, Johanna!


Congratulations Johanna! When will we get to see a picture of the little guy? ;)


Unsere allerherzlichsten Glückwünsche an Euch Fünfe, und der Name ist wunderschön ! Freue mich für Euch.... alles Liebe, angelika und familie


Congratulations Johanna! I like the names :)


congratulations johanna, that's wonderful news!


Finally! Congrads and take time to rest and enjoy it all.. xx


Congratulations! And welcome to the world baby Henrik!


Congrats to you! Your quite the trooper... I would have probably gone insane if I was that over due.

Enjoy this precious time. It goes by too fast!


Congratulations to you and your new bundle!


Never too young to think about introducing him to the world of food (after the breast/bottle of course). Making your own purees could be a lot of fun.


Congratulations to all of you! Your son shares my brother's birthday. :)


Welcome earthisde Henrik Alec (great name!) and congratulations Johanna and family. Rest and enjoy this special time. xxx


Congratulations! Right now, your boy is living just on milk but I reckon after that first period the little guy will be very well fed!

Mary Ann

Wishing you the best of life and love. Welcome Henrik Alec!


Congratulations to you and your family! Only the very best of wishes to all of you!!! Enjoy this very special, very precious time! :)

Cottage Smallhoder

Welcome Henrick Alec to this amazing world!

Well done Johanna and Chris - you must feel so proud.



Congratulations! So glad to hear that things went well and that you are all doing well. Best wishes!


Oooh, congratulations!! :) So glad he finally came. :)


Congratulations! Enjoy those new born snuggles, they grow up soooo fast!!


Congratulations to all five! Love the name. Enjoy the first days where Chris is managing ;-)


Congratulations and all the best wishes to you and your family.


Congratulations Johanna - looking forward to meeting the little prince some time, take care. kx


Liebe Johanna, wir haben ja schon lange auf diese fantastische Nachricht gewartet. Herzliche Glückwünsche und Alles Gute für die ganze Familie!!


Yaaaaay! He finally arrived! So now I can stop sitting at work with my mobile phone beside me all day long, waiting for news ;-) Can't wait to pop over and see both of you soon. Congratulations to you and love to the whole family.


Wonderful news! Congratulations to you all and wishing you a speedy recovery! :-)

Margaret Wise

Well done!! Congratulations!!

bea at La tartine gourmande

Congratulations Johanna! This is an exciting event in your life!

Laura and Tam

Congratulations! He's adorable and we are so happy for you all.

Laura and Tam :)


Félicitations Johanna ! Il est adorable ! Je suis vraiment très heureuse pour toi et son papa.


yay, congratulations johanna!!!

sandi@ the whistlestop cafe

Congratulations to You All!
What a precious gift~ live and love every moment. They become teenagers much to quickly!


Congratulations! Sorry I've missed the post before... Your life must be so hectic now! And I really like the name you picked.

I'll be in your shoes in just about a month :-) Can't wait...


YAY! Congratulations to the entire family, but especially to you for making it through an overly long pergnancy & keeping up the blogging. I finally got around to reading my copy of Delicious, saw the article on you & realised it was high time I checked back on your blog. Glad I did - May he lead a fulfilling life & bring you many years of happiness together.

celia harvey

congrats-now you will have to add lots of baby food recipes!


I'm late but : congratulations to you and very happy to heau that very good news.

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