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Dec 07, 2006



I must say, our visit there was the most disappointing of my four visits. While my food was generally lovely, I really did not like sitting inside and I think we had particularly bad luck with our server! Next time, we go in summer for a terrace table, and I'll make the menu choices for you ;-)


The legally enforcable smoking ban comes into force next year (June, I think). Yippee!!


I went there a few years ago but I think I was at the 'cheaper' part. I found the food really good and so did my companion. I hope there standards aren't slipping. As a full bloodied French woman, I find John's comments repulsive, a post prandial cigarette is a true joy and the delicate aroma of a good cigar is heavenly, what a shame it will come to an end. We are living in a bland and controlled world. Who knows next on the list will be the outlawing of spicy food and perfumes.

Congratulations with your second place in the photography.

I would like to invite you to have a look at my modest site. I am afraid it does not have the stunning photography but it has great recipes and other information.

Have you been to Daphne's lately ? It used to be good but once again I haven't been there for a few years either. I must start getting out again.



Your comments about getting the short menu straw reminds me a great deal of a scene from Henry James' "Portrait of a Lady" which is actually about American ex-patriots living abroad in England and France. They all suffer from too much leisure (the novel is set around the turn of the 20th century).

One character is described as having "only one real talent," his exceptional ability to order off of a menu.

I enjoyed your descriptions of the food, and wish you better luck next time!

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